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All that glitters is not gold. It might be diamonds.

oMohana Bala Siva is one among so many girls in this world. Like so many other girls, she has her dreams and wishes; she hopes and loves and laughs like everyone does. But unlike anyone else, she is uniquely Mohana and irreplaceably so.

She hails from a small town in Tamil Nadu and claims the same place to be her home at heart. The town with its authenticities and culture, conventions and rules have challenged her, picked on her and bullied her. At the very same time, it has taken Mohana to heaven and back.

Her home being more of a rural area is rich in nature's blessings. She believes this to be the reason why she prefers an evening lazing under a breezy neem tree to hitting the mall for the latest fashion trends. She gamely asks the city bred girl next to her, how she manages to live in a concrete pot of noise. Politely of course.

A place of natural beauty focusses your entire energy in the present. It allows you to ponder and wallow in your thoughts. It takes you to the next beautiful thought which leads onto a chain of beautiful thoughts. You feel your heart beating and you feel the blood rushing through your veins. You feel and see so much when you are one among nature. Why then, would any one want any thing else?
Of course, the occasional selfie with a gorgeous mountain backdrop is a requisite. What, selfies don't count as natural?( wink wink!)
How do people live in apartments?, she asks in disgusted awe. She cannot fathom the possibilty of people living in such close quarters. According to her, if people can live next to her loud life( cough , loud voice, cough), that would be a brilliant feat alright!
She speaks of mountain views and scenic backdrops with complete wonder and excitement! They are what makes bus and car trips what they are, she says. She would love to stand on clifftops and yell at the top of her voice.; the feel of water splashing under her feet, cool breezes.... She loves every idea of being one with nature as long as she does not have to become a saint and eat berries and roots for brekkie!
She recalls her school days with fondness. She feels that they are amazingly precious memories for it is filled with moments of fun and laughter with friends, the occasional rule breaking, staying up too late, cramming for tests, teasing friends to death, the rare tears and the abundant smiles.
Her eyes light up and her face sparkles as she recounts the best bits: Soaking her feet in the beaches of Kanyakumari on a school trip, the exciting bus rides with so many friends, dances and songs galore. Sigh! The best days ever!
She considers herself naive and claims that she believes easy; that she does what her friends tell her to do without pausing for a breath.
Her friends are her world. They are in every part of her life, making it what it is. She scolds a few of them fondly and blames them for her craziness. As she puts it " I wonder sometimes, whether I am actually crazy, or whether I am acting as if I am crazy or if they have made me crazy..or..... Aaaggghh! I am going crazy!!!"
She loves her family just as much but she would no sooner dish the dirty stuff and confide in them than she would move to the city and live in an apartment! Having always been smothered in loving protection and safety precautions that seem just a tad too precautious( dangerously bordering on paranoia) , she loves every drop of freedom that life offers her.

If there was one thing she wishes to  receive in life , one thing she wants so very much with all her heart, it is the freedom to be who she is. She craves for the freedom to make her own choices and to face the consequences herself. She wishes to experience the delights of this world without any limitations!
She cannot think of one thing wrong with how the world is and how things are going on around her and for her. Except the freedom thing, of course. If she had that freedom, than life would topple into Perfection. Why would I want to change this beautiful world ? , she asks defensively when asked about what she would like to see differently in her reality.
She even likes Exams for God's sake! She feels that they bring comedy and tragedy into life! They bring a bit of excitement and adrenaline and that, is awesome for her!
'No restrictions', she says firmly,' that is all I want'.
And anyone who comes in the way between her and blissful freedom is dead meat, she says with a laugh but with a definitive glint in her eyes. This girl means business!

She feels that her parents would not be so overprotective were it not for those unknown nosy bodies who always seem to know when to ruin things for her. " If I could only get my hands on them...", she threatens with her happy 'I live in the rainbows' voice.
She can't help but give a warning to the heavens or whoever is listening about her groom to be. If he were anything like those unknown voices, she says she would be forced to commit a murder and go single the rest of her life! She laughs as she realise her other option which is to know the guy before she ends up with him. Huh, no killing business, then!
She ponders about this a bit more and renders the possibility of being allowed to find a match for herself as near impossible. Were she to take the initiative, it would be swords and scythes and murders all around, she says jokingly. As our laughter subsides, she recounts an incident that makes us realise, with a chill, that she wasn't joking after all.
She rounds back to her struggles with her family's tight noose around her life. She seriously wonders if the papers delivered to her house are customized so that the worst news is delivered in the worst possible way for her parents. She gives us a demo: Teenage girl listening to music on her headphones burnt to death spontaneously. Phone used while on charge killed girl. True news, but she feels that her parents take it all in the most stringent way possible.
And if the news fails to do it, those 4 unknown voices do the job. "Don't teach her to ride! She is going to ride haywire and die!"
" Don't teach her swimming! She might drown, choke and die!"
She stops meaningfully and we get the general idea of the environment she had to grow up in.
With such a strict upbringing, she naturally feels apprehensive and even slightly afraid of crossing her parents. She wants to stay in their good books at all times. She worries of being judged for her actions and when offered the idea of a life with no judgements and absolute freedom, she finds it quite weird and also impossible to imagine and wish for anything else.
She would not exchange her life for anyone else's.Her wish to remain herself at all costs is fascinating at the very least. That does not mean that she is conceited. Quite far from it actually, for she knows her weaknesses and wants to work on them. She rarely stands up for something , she says. When something is reinforced twice, she is more than ready to go with it.
Understandably, she feels that her strongest moment in life was when she stood up for her cause: To get into med school no matter what. Despite dissuasions from  so many relative and family members, she held onto the opportunity she had received in the form of an opening  into a medical college and a good one at that. She did not budge as the storm persuaded and finally, the storm grew tired of her will and let her be. That moment was the best, she says with spirit!
But she can't seem to put a finger on why exactly she chose this profesion. She wanted to become a civil engineer when she was a kid. Beautiful buildings enthralled her and she wanted the joy of creating it. As time passed and as she neared the last of high school, she was more along the lines of' I don't give a damn about what I am going to pursue; as long as it's fun, I 'm good!'
Now, she is relishing the road she took with vigour and will. She has her eyes on gynaecology and finds the whole process of birth fascinating.
She is brave and strong and beautiful and she is one of a kind. Just by being herself, she manifests as an inspiration to this world. A faithful friend, lovable and strong, spectacular and awe- inspiring, she continues to live boldly and mark her irreplaceable tread upon this planet as Mohana Bala Siva.


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