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The Pearls of Life

A cool winter evening, with the wind blowing in my face and the sounds of chirping birds among the fluttering leaves above, the voices of people around me, as I sit on a bench at a  park takes my mind through a journey of inconsequential thoughts....... It's quite extraordinary to see how the brain works right ?

The connections made of millions
 of neurons, each having an incredible number of functions that are far reaching to our understandings. It all starts as a single thought, which lays down multiple connections through our memories, keeping us occupied with thoughts always. It's quite a miracle! Thoughts keep milling around everywhere.
A calm mind is a clear mind as was once said.
Inner peace

 But I wonder  if that is practically possible.

We have so many jobs to do in a day, lots of essential and non essential stuff.

How to Avoid the Busy Life

I guess it's really important to know, to differentiate and work on things that are Essential in our lives in the present. Everybody has a dream in their life, be it small or big, but doing the most important thing in every moment is all that matters.

I, as a kid was just like every other average kid in this world, singing and dancing through life.

Never did I take anything seriously. As and when I grew up, I started understanding my situations ,the demands of life and where I stand. Money, marks…… none of this matters in life. I accept that they are a part of survival, but they don’t mean anything as such. Quite useless, in the absence of what really matters. It is the understanding of things in life and knowledge that helps us survive. They give us a confidence that can sustain us through anything in life, however devastating it might be.
 Speaking of my situation right now, the most important thing that I need to focus is my education. Gaining knowledge and skill has got the utmost priority in my life. Being a doctor, I owe my duty to the people around me. They I stand, the only last joke between the people's lives and their  grave. Having fun and enjoying life like every other of my kind always makes the mind sway!

Sure, everything can be done but focussing on our topmost priority is really really important. Coming to my scenario, I never even dreamt of my future, but after so many years of hard work and struggle, here I am in the process of becoming a doctor and the process itself, is fascinating; It is something I am feeling passionate about. The happiness you get when you help someone in reducing their burden is  indescribable.

I have just begun my journey and there is a long way to go....... Here lies all the strength I need to sustain my happy life; the kick, thrill and happiness of the journey will take me all the way .... The Mind keeps swaying always, leading us to different things, but one passionate thought is enough to combat them all! May be my life seems just like the life of every other student living with stimulating passion and fire, but each one of us has a different goal, a different purpose to serve, a varied situation and a variety of problems to tackle.

 I may  seem like a speckle of dust in the vault of heaven, but here I stand unique in my own way.

Preethi is a second year medical student from Kanyakumari, India.
She enjoys food and reading books. She loves to travel and believes that everything happens for a reason and that anything is possible in our realities.



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