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Meet Mathana - The Earth Angel

From a distance, she can seem quiet, calm, subdued even. But that distance had better be a good few kilometres away, because even the slightest clarity is enough to realise that this is a girl who will inspire you just by being around her.
And I am not talking big bold acts of bravery, sparkles , firecrackers and extraordinary feats.

Her magic is a bit more 'subdued' than that, at least in the physical.

She sees a world so beautiful, that you can’t help wonder how that brain of hers works.

Because, to her, the world doesn’t change according to her moods. Her world is Extraordinary, all the time. She doesn’t have to find reasons to feel excited; she doesn’t see reasons to regret a situation. Because she just can’t regret anything. It’s not in her system to regret. Those sets of feelings just don’t exist in her. And she is not what you call an optimist. She, by no means can be fit into a word as mundane as that. An optimistic person sees the bright side of things. What do you call a person who never understands the concept of a dark side? Who doesn’t know a dark vs. bright so as to choose the bright side?

Let’s talk about kindness. What is kindness? Having a benevolent, courteous, friendly, generous, gentle, liberal, sympathetic, or warm-hearted nature or disposition, marked by consideration for – and service to – others. That's how the dictionary defines it anyway. And believe me, I honestly haven’t been with a person that could be described this way( except my mother, of course ) on a daily basis. No matter how awesome a person is, sometimes, they do get on your nerves. But not this piece of marvel.

I call her my 'Water Goddess’-  Because she is my source of water in this hostel we live in. She fills all my buckets for me, and she makes sure that I don’t carry them. Highlights: makes sure. She does that by pulling all the buckets, all by herself, to my room, across the hallway, twice every single day. And she fills up buckets for a couple other people too.

She wants to travel. That is her only dream in life. And she dreams of doing it alone. I see it as 'alone' but to her, it makes perfect sense to go on a solo trip across the globe, drowning in culture, diversity and adventure. Has she waited for her actual dream to come true? Nope. She is living her dream, right in the now, whenever she gets to travel to any place, albeit close to home. Her excitement, however will not make sense. You might actually think she is going for a holiday in the Bahamas. But that level of exhilaration and bliss she exudes is contagious. Is infectious. Is not human, is what I am telling.

She lives in a dream like state. Not lost in a dream world, not day dreaming. She lives in the present, just like everyone of us, but her world is what we dream of. What we all want. Our ultimate goals. She floats through life- Correction. She stomps through life, in utter glee of what is and what could be. She loves everyone and she makes them feel so good, just by being herself. She laughs at everything. She is not bothered by others opinions not because she chooses to, but because she genuinely can’t tune into that.

My favourite conversation with her was when she told me a story from her kindergarten English book. A story about two girls, Eki and Doki. The story itself was a real cliché moral story. But there was nothing cliché about her rendition of it. Peals of laughter escaped uncontrollably from her mouth, with every single syllable because she was bloody enjoying every single word. She was completely in love, with that moment and it was bewitching to watch. I understood then, what Buddha was saying about where true joy lies: In the present and in your heart.

While we tease her for her obliviousness to the world around her, she is the first to notice a new earring, a slight weariness to a friend's face, a new addition to room décor. Which made me realise that she is not oblivious to the world around her; she focusses in the best details of life is all.

Her weird quirks make her a tad bit more lovable than ever:
her love for hats, her scary love for food, her inability to squeeze a lemon, her ability to pick at the food she just gushed over... She is the kind of person who would cheer real loud when life handed her lemons, making you feel awe for her infinite love for anything that life offers her. And she would, without the slightest bit of hesitation,  hand over the lemon to someone else, unabashedly asking them to help her with it. Or she will pretend it doesn’t exist.

Mathana meets the world with an open heart and a golden ball of excitement in her tum. And if she cringes at something, feels attacked or loses her peace in an ordeal, situation or incident, she comes back, not with trepidation, not with fear nor with nerves of steel to overcome what slew her once. She forgets about what went wrong and starts afresh: she gives the situation a brand new chance to love her as she loves the world.

I am thankful for all the people whose lives she will light up with her inescapable extraordinaire, for this is a girl the world better watch out for!


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