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Are We Being Played?

Are we real??
It is interesting to read about the Creation of the Universe. Let there be light, the Lord said and there was Light, it seems...

 Now we're living in a world where we can turn on any number of lights by simply saying Lights...

Does that mean we are evolving to the next stage... A Godly Form...!
 Now that would make a hell of a debate!

But I'm kind of a ‘Cry and Make a Scene in the middle of the Debate' kinda person; So, I would love to sway away from that topic😀.
 Many optimists including (air quotes) ‘me' believe that the Earth was created for the purpose that each and every organism gets its best shot at a wonderful life. But are we anywhere near a wonderful life? We may find comfort in the fact that there's a torrential breakthrough in Technologies that make the lives of (air quotes again) ‘specific people’   more comfortable... But why are there always some people who suffer?
 To all those who raise eyebrows and state that ‘bad people deserve bad things' and that 'karma is a boomerang' blah blah blah... I would like to ask...
What did a 3 year old kid do wrong to suffer from  Kidney Failure?
What did an unborn fetus do to be born with Downs Syndrome?
Have you ever doubted your reality? Are we really living our lives or are we living a life which we are designed to live?
Guys and Girls,  I hope you are all familiar with Role Play Games like Marvel Future Fight, Injustice etc. where you control the character ,what they do, what's going to happen to them .etc. In short, everything.
So why isn't it totally possible that we are actually games being played by some other being?

 What can we do to find out the truth!?
It's simple!
Lets live life the way we are supposed to live it. Happily. No pressure! No betrayals! No remorse! No grudges! Above all... NO HATRED...
90% of whatever we do ,we do for the sake of others; those silly questions that make us all go nuts!
Will they  accept me?
 Will I be shunned?
 What will they think if I do this?
Just stop living your life for others and start living it in your own style! But remember! This own style must be a totally peaceful style.
 Just imagine!  What if everyone decided to live their lives for themselves without being influenced by other's perspectives...without any hatred for their fellow beings!
Just imagine how this place would be.. Wouldn't it be the best place ever??!!

Why aren't we able to achieve something like that?
That's because our controllers find no fun in a peaceful world…

They want to add a hell lot of difficulty to their game. Whenever they get bored of the routine sufferings, natural calamities are sent as bonus rounds for the controllers...!
Isn’t it high time that we start thinking about our reality!?
Do we truly exist or is it just a mirage?!
Well there's only one way to find that out... We must try changing the way we are made to live and live it the way we like to live!

Sundhar is a doctor - to be. He likes to talk incessantly. He enjoys watching TV series Marathons. He prefers Anna Hatheway to Rachel McAdams. His hobbies include watching TV series, eating, watching TV series... He believes that no one should suffer and that everyone should receive a happy happy ending...


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