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Ventures Into Love : Day 17

You know that awesome tingly 'I have so got this! Things are going to rock from here on!' feeling that blossoms in your gut when you take up something new, start out on a new journey and the likes? For example, the first day of a new exercise routine, or the beginning of a new hobby… the beginning of a new job, the first great conversation with a nice person we really like, the start of a new self – help book… Any beginning by choice and passion is a cause for joy and I think I speak for everyone when I say that. Have you also noticed how that this feeling is confined to the beginning only, in many scenarios in life? I'll go with an example from my own life.. Whenever I read an awesome saucy 'self help' book, I feel psyched out and buzz – filled! I write down my dreams and I take the steps happily, genuinely excited about the changes I am helping bring about… Then comes the second stage… that stage where the previously lovely ideas and wishes and hopes sta

Ventures Into Love : Day 15

Ritual. Nice word. Has a nice ring to it. It is one of the many words in the English language that resonate with me. Ritual. Hmmmm… You have a ritual, right? I mean, almost everyone has some kind of a ritualistic practice in their life. My granny, for example, begins every day at 5 in the morning, with a session of rejuvenating yoga and meditation. My sister ritually, eats 10 times a day. My mom loves to walk for an hour or two everyday. A dear friend of mine goes to the temple every single morning, before class. Rituals are a huge part of human life. They provide a stability, serve as an anchor in the drama of today. We rely on these ritualistic practices for calm, peace and solidarity. They give us that 'me' time. They are beautifully simple and something we turn towards for eternal release into the present. And that last line was way confusing of a definition for 'ritual'. Well…Let’s move on, shall we?😅 Having a rhythm in your everyda

Ventures Into Love: Day 14

When I am in my room, I find it so easy to focus on the truth of me; how loved I am, that love is all there is, I am powerful beyond imagination… the works.  But when I am in a crowd, in class, standing in line, waiting with a group of people, I find it so hard to focus. Impossible even. All those affirmations, beliefs and practices go right out of the window, in such situations and I am left wondering about the usefulness of  enlightenment, if it doesn’t aid you in moments of need. I think I am not alone in this. We have all been in situations where the group's energy and currents have engulfed us completely, beyond the scope of clarity. When we are in a group, fully aware of our body and the surrounding physical world, we begin relying on our mortal strength and knowingness. In other words, the ego takes charge. We can’t help but let it take charge, because it is the only way we can see in the moment to get out of the suffering. And the endless narrations and s

Ventures into Love: Day 13

Pretending and make – believe is the quickest way to believing. And believing is the quickest way to having. Beautifully paradoxical to what this civilization as a whole is stuck onto. In other words, fun fun fun! Start right now! Do it now! Go there, be that, now! These power packed words loss all their pressure when you change their context: Go to the end result now. Be that person you want to be, as best as you can, now. Do what you would do if it were all perfection, now. Not all the time, of course. Baby steps are essential. The distance in the physical will have to be covered. This activity however reminds that this assessment and measurement, analysis and interpretation of where you are vs. how far you have to go is not the task for you, the you that perceives through the physical senses and draws conclusions from that. This you, is incapable of anything but experiencing and allowing. The movement and distance ( hows) are so not your genre. By playing make – beli

Ventures into Love - Day 12

Here’s how life is supposed to work; how we are taught that the world works, how we are supposed to integrate into the mayhem: Dream big. Work for it. Be bold. Go for it NOW. Have a vision. Break the steps down into bite sized pieces and keep making progress every single day. I am actually feeling slightly breathless, just typing those words. The thing is, this kind of pushing and prodding, this complete reliance over one's willpower that stems from the brain and it’s storehouse of experiences filtered through beliefs that alter the experience to a nutshell of what really is, is frankly exhausting. Sure, when we face a particularly trying situation or we are subject to an enrapturing inspiring speech, we feel charged up and energetic. We feel like we have so much to offer, so much that we can do, so much energy to run all the way to the top, that we enthusiastically take steps, turn over new stones, meet people, network and feel euphoric. For some time, that is. Eventu