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Ventures Into Love: Day 8

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Ventures into Love: Day 7

Today, I realised that I could play detective.. scratch that , I could rock being THE detective of my life!

I consider myself pretty bad at snooping, even to find out the answer to 'You Be The Detective’ sections in magazines.
But this activity hits two birds with one stone!
It reminds you of your only responsibility to create a glorious life for yourself….
And you get to be Sherlock Holmes.
Okay, enough with the advertising. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Your thoughts become the things, right?
And you say the words that are in alignment with your thoughts.
You act in alignment with your thoughts and words.
So, the three things coming from your side of this awesome playfield of reality are your thoughts, words and actions.
Imagine that the Universe is all Love, which it actually is. That there is abundance and healthy and harmony, laughter, friends and magic, being poured down on you; except that this is not reality for many of us, is it? If the Universe is delive…

Ventures into Love: Day 6

Baby steps.

It wasn’t until Mike Dooley that I started viewing action as not work. I did have an opinion previously that if work was approached with passion, it felt better and easier and a lot more exciting.

My view turned out to be a pretty crappy one once I learnt this other perspective.
Action = Pure bliss , if you understand the truth.

Here’s how I understand this:
There’s you here. There’s your dream life, there. And there is this huge space, pathway or anything you’d like to imagine in between the two of you.

You see this distance and either start walking the path or give up on it because the path looks intimidating. Why bother?

Neither is, thankfully, our beautiful option.
Our option stems from pure love.
You, are not going to cover the distance. That is a 'how'. The Universe will take care of it.
Our only job, is to show up.
That’s it. Show up and dance!

Show up and have fun!
Show up! Show up! Show up!

Its like riding the elevator. The work is being done by the eleva…

Ventures into Love: Day 5

Yesterday’s vision board is the prop to be used today: to help you in transporting yourself into that picture of the life of your dreams!

Of course, the vision board holds only an idea of how awesome your transformations are going to be. But they are still plenty enough to get your heart pumping! When done right, creative visualisation can be exhilarating!

Creative visualisation, today’s activity, is about imagining the details of your transformations in your head and really getting into that picture.
The best thing about this activity, which makes it all the more fun, is that you don’t have to get the details exactly right or anything. Again, you are not writing down an illustrated animated shopping list for the Universe. So, just chill and let your inner kid have a good ol' riot with the pictures you paint.

This is not daydreaming. You even get to time yourself to make sure that you don’t visualise more than 5 – 10 minutes in a day.
You get in there, to the end result ( very im…

Ventures into Love: Day 4

Today is special, because those thoughts of yours, get to become reality, at least in part, and you get to experience that magnificence.
This might sound like a bit of an exaggeration when I tell you that today's activity is actually 'Showcase Your Inspiration'.
But this is genuinely how I felt – as if my mind was popping from the sheer awesomeness of it all – once I finished my handiwork and stepped back.

What am I talking about?
Well, since today’s activity called for setting up reminders around your home, workplace or wherever you spend most of your time in, I made a vision board and put it up on my wall!
The activity does not specify a vision board exactly; you get to choose among a myriad of imaginative options, all of which have one aim only: to spark thoughts and inspire action, in the general direction of our dreams. This is perfectly intuitive, as Mike Dooley pointed out, because our thoughts become the things in our lives.
And by setting up physical reminders to…

Ventures into Love: Day 3

Today has been a stormy day for me, not literally as in the climate, but metaphorically. The past jarring with the present in all its glory, bitterness and nostalgia overlapping and new thoughts and actions being inspired.

And today’s practice has been an eye opener of sorts in many ways and a potent confusion inducer in many ways too.

Today was all about getting specific. It involves getting into the details of said area of transformation.
Yesterday and the day before was all general and easy lightness.
Today is still easy and light, but with more pow wow! There is more colour and excitement and a lot more potential with this practice!

We get to define exactly what gets us excited about transformations in a particular area in life.
We don’t define how the dream will come true. This is very important.
What we do is get into the picture, after that area has transformed in the most exciting ways possible!

We go into the tics, tacs and toes, the fire and the passion or whatever picture,…