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Ventures into Love - Day 12

Here’s how life is supposed to work; how we are taught that the world works, how we are supposed to integrate into the mayhem:
Dream big. Work for it. Be bold. Go for it NOW. Have a vision. Break the steps down into bite sized pieces and keep making progress every single day.

I am actually feeling slightly breathless, just typing those words.
The thing is, this kind of pushing and prodding, this complete reliance over one's willpower that stems from the brain and it’s storehouse of experiences filtered through beliefs that alter the experience to a nutshell of what really is, is frankly exhausting.
Sure, when we face a particularly trying situation or we are subject to an enrapturing inspiring speech, we feel charged up and energetic.
We feel like we have so much to offer, so much that we can do, so much energy to run all the way to the top, that we enthusiastically take steps, turn over new stones, meet people, network and feel euphoric.
For some time, that is.
Eventually, we realise that the pictures outside, in the real world are not reflective of our inner state. They are not matching up to our actions; there seems to be a whole lot more to do than what we previously thought, there also seems to a significant lack from our source of energy and enthusiasm.

But the vision is tantalizing. So we keep pushing, sacrificing, running, limping, hopping….
We can’t wait to get there because being here is so tiring. We keep counting the steps, we keep looking back and looking ahead. Until we call the vision 'sour grapes' and give into the exhaustion.
 We even feel this enormous peace because of letting it go and letting it be.

Sometimes, our dreams fade away and we settle back into what is. Sometimes, stopping the tireless run might be the  last piece of the puzzle for everything to fall perfectly in place. Even though the journey is a blur, at least we got to where we wanted. Right? Sometimes, we choose another dream. Sometimes, we simply give up hope and sink back into a slumber.
There is so much instability, so much uncertainty in the above picture that it makes it very easy to understand why almost everyone has stomach ulcers.

How about this picture?
Letting go of all preconceived notions of how life should be for you.
Realising that you can have, do, be anything you want.
Knowing that there is no external force working against you.

Remembering that you are held, adored and guided at all times.
Remembering that
you can ask for help, from the unseen.
Letting go.
Showing up in any way possible, no matter how insanely small of a step it may seem to be.

Letting go of expectations; letting go of details.
Choosing to have fun because there is nothing for you to prove; you have always been loved unconditionally even if you have not felt it in the flesh.

Knowing that you have never been judged and never will be.
Knowing that success is inevitable.

Allowing for yourself to receive everything.
Remembering that there is Abundance; realising that you having yours doesn’t mean that someone else has to go without.
Realising that everything adds to you and makes you more.

Aligning with the truth of you, which always sets you free in the moment, to play, learn and grow.
Knowing that you can never ever be alone. That you are always surrounded by hordes of loving forces, in the seen and unseen.
Seeing work as fun and fun as important.
Celebrating life, playing, dancing and having the best time ever, in every single moment!

How does that sound?

I for one, feel freeeeeeeeee!
That exhaustion dissipates like smoke when we can let go in the moment.
Darn it, Life is Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!!!
Today, the activity is to Plan The Celebrations for the After Party!
How do you want to celebrate once all your dreams have come to pass?

This activity is proof of life’s magic, because, the 'work', part all these days, was super fun. And now, we get to plan the 'fun' part. How much better can this get??!!
You can choose to celebrate each area of transformation or go all out and celebrate the whole transformation fiesta as one big party!

And every single time you feel lost or doubtful, you can feel motivated to stay on the path by thinking of the celebration that is awaiting you.

Again, this motivation in itself, is the stuff of dreams. Motivated, not to keep working harder and harder, but to remember that it is not a rat race, success is inevitable and Abundance is assured; motivated to remember that the game is rigged, everything is coming together perfectly and you don’t have to feel threatened by the pictures.
Here are my celebration plans:
Once wealth has come to pass in the most blessed of ways, I will buy myself a sapphire stone pendant!
Once my Creative Ventures have blasted off in the most exhilarating ways ever, I will throw a huge party for all my friends and family with campfires and limbo and exotic food!
Once Love has transformed in ways that resonate with me, I will cook a goodness filled banquet with homemade cherry jam, banana bread, almond milk, fresh plums, lavish fruit platters, scrummy croissants, strudels, chocolate dates, strawberries, squash spaghetti, with fresh basil, thyme and parsley and dumplings! The whole house will smell of scented candles and herbs, exuding peace and contentment…
Once Adventure has come to pass in a 'OMG! ARE YOU KIDDING??!!” kinda way, I will trek up a hill and go to the clifftop and scream at the top of my voice!
Wow, that felt good!
So get planning, won’tcha?πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹


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