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Ventures into Love: Day 6

Baby steps.

It wasn’t until Mike Dooley that I started viewing action as not work. I did have an opinion previously that if work was approached with passion, it felt better and easier and a lot more exciting.

My view turned out to be a pretty crappy one once I learnt this other perspective.
Action = Pure bliss , if you understand the truth.

Here’s how I understand this:
There’s you here. There’s your dream life, there. And there is this huge space, pathway or anything you’d like to imagine in between the two of you.

You see this distance and either start walking the path or give up on it because the path looks intimidating. Why bother?

Neither is, thankfully, our beautiful option.
Our option stems from pure love.
You, are not going to cover the distance. That is a 'how'. The Universe will take care of it.
Our only job, is to show up.
That’s it. Show up and dance!

Show up and have fun!
Show up! Show up! Show up!

Its like riding the elevator. The work is being done by the elevator. Your job, however, is to get on the elevator. That, the elevator can’t do for you.
Once you show up, you can experience the miracles the Universe has in store for you.
You are for Love, by Love, pure Love!
The events that will unfold will be in alignment with your previous visualisations which in turn will be in alignment with the true fibres of your being ( a Love Particle!). By showing up, you take the final step in the game. You give the cue for the fun to start!
I have experienced this numerous times. Everything that the Universe lines up for you is perfectly magical is all I can say. We, being creation's only creators, are inclined to succeed in whatever we take upon ourselves.
And baby steps are easy to take! They completely take the pressure off, gearing us up to see and feel the love in the situation.
As a student, I think that an example involving my exams is a good place to start. Here’s a common scenario I regularly face:
I get the portions for the week's exam. There’s a lot to cover, obviously. I can go at it with guns blazing and fiery passion saying, “I am going to nail this!”

This approach, while powerful to begin with, slowly becomes less and less appealing as I wear myself out.
But the Universe is waiting all the time, by our sides, to bring in the sparkle and the extraordinaire. All we have to do, is saunter.

I remember that and go,” Universe babe! Help me out here! This thing looks intimidating. And I am not sure what I want. The marks aren’t very appealing and my motivation is kinda patchy. So I give this over to you. Work your magic!”
Then, I just show up. Which means, taking my books and opening them. No aims, no goals. Nothing. I start and let the flow take over.

I read a bit of this, get bored and a thought strikes me about a great resource on the internet I read about before. I visit that website and have fun with it for awhile, all the time not working towards anything.
I follow inspiring ideas and meander about, playing with different options. I pretend that the exams are over, my work has been completed in the highest way possible and I help out other people as generously as I can, as if I  have an abundance of time to spare! I go about my hobbies happily and go out of my way to try out new adventures simultaneously.
I sleep early the previous night, because it’s all a beautiful fun game that I get to be a part of.
I have fun in the exam hall, feeling ecstatic that I remember so much. I use coloured pens and pencils, letting my inner artist take over.

I go through the paper leisurely and say 'thank you', because I got to be a part of the exam fever.
The satisfaction of such a journey is immense. The destination is just the cherry on top of the icing.

I couldn’t care less about the results, because I have already received the biggest gift ever: an amazing journey through love. But the results end up being mind blowing anyway.
The above example is a pretty small one. I could go on and on about this brilliant way of life!

Today’s activity is to list any steps that you can start taking towards your dreams and goals.
You can pen down at least seven steps for each area of transformation.
With the above example, showing up was easy. But with many other areas in life, how to show up becomes a problem in itself.
It doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is that you do it.
- Mike Dooley.
Wherever you think you can start out, that is the best place to start.
It can be quite intimidating to act when your dream life and your present life have nothing in resemblance.
A simple place to start is change. You can think of change as your first place to start and can go about changing small things, habits and ideas in life.
You will be awed as the Universe responds to your seemingly random baby steps.

If you want to be a fitness expert and you can’t even imagine being what you want to be, start wherever seems the easiest and the most fun. Watch a dance video, listen to talkshows. Start small.

Remember that your baby steps are not meant to cover the distance. That would be a disastrous attempt because our physical body is not designed to work. It is designed to fly, leap, love and experience.

The Universe is a huge teddy bear of Love, waiting to envelop you in its massive arms of warmth and sunshine. All you have to do is get out in the world in every moment of your life and let yourself fall head over heels in love with life.
So visualise, show up and let go!

My baby steps:
Brainstorm ideas for writing pieces
Read articles on Culture
Watch Surgical videos
Do USMLE practice questions
Spend some time with my books
Journal every morning
Sit with my story every day
Open my song writing notebook every day
Look up Design supplies
Look up cottages
List foods to try out in places I want to visit
Look up DIY notebooks
Make a shopping list
Cinnamon powder?
Call and talk to a family member thrice a week
Learn about intuition


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