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Help The Invisible Children.

Help The Invisible Children.
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Meet Mathana - The Earth Angel

From a distance, she can seem quiet, calm, subdued even. But that distance had better be a good few kilometres away, because even the slightest clarity is enough to realise that this is a girl who will inspire you just by being around her. And I am not talking big bold acts of bravery, sparkles , firecrackers and extraordinary feats.

Her magic is a bit more 'subdued' than that, at least in the physical.

She sees a world so beautiful, that you can’t help wonder how that brain of hers works.

Because, to her, the world doesn’t change according to her moods. Her world is Extraordinary, all the time. She doesn’t have to find reasons to feel excited; she doesn’t see reasons to regret a situation. Because she just can’t regret anything. It’s not in her system to regret. Those sets of feelings just don’t exist in her. And she is not what you call an optimist. She, by no means can be fit into a word as mundane as that. An optimistic person sees the bright side of things. What do you ca…