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Help The Invisible Children.
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Ventures Into Love : Day 11

I read the Secret when I was in the 9th grade and I remember feeling all pumped up and excited; I felt liberated, the possibilities were endless and everything seemed beautiful. And then, life happened.  I won’t lie and say that this sudden revelation slipped into oblivion; more like, my excitement over discovering the ultimate truth of life shadowed everything else. My ingrained beliefs about the limited sources in this world, the ideas and thoughts that had been with me for such a long time, got mixed up with my releasing revelations to yield a bittersweet reality - A reality that showed me a taste of what could be  and shoved a whole load of junk in the form of why I couldn’t have what I wanted. In other words, it was not enough. And by it, I mean the empowering and inspiring words of truth that had hinted at my true nature to me, which was just the stepping stone , for greater clarity. What I did was treat the truth as a tool that would help me get

Ventures into Love: Day 10

If thoughts become things, then I can think my dream world into life! This was exactly the thought that was racing through my head like an excited bee, when I first came across The Secret. And while this realization is absolutely true, I felt like I was missing some part of the puzzle because, I knew that very few people daydreamed as much as I did. I was literally always lost in my head. There were fireworks and applause, standing ovations, parties and so much going on in my head. But reality remained a stark contrast And the more I looked at my reality, the more I got lost in my head. If my thoughts were supposedly the things of my life, why was I where I was, daydreaming instead of living the dream?  Now though, things makes more sense. Even though I knew that my release was thoughts becoming things, my trap was also because my thoughts were becoming the things of my life. Confuse much? Well, let’s go with a simple example. I want to receive a particular br

Ventures into Love: Day 9

Our experiences and life is a fascinating thing indeed. There’s that thought that we are thinking of in the moment; it evokes an emotion in us. But the very same thought can evoke another emotion, can feel different in another situation. Have you ever stuck your head out as you drive past country lanes? That blast of fresh air and the exhilaration it brings is extraordinary. One of my favourite moments in life. However, the very same 'The wind is blowing my face off' thought can feel icky and we want to roll the window up real fast and curl up in warmth; maybe it’s too cold outside or you feel chilly…. What changed in these situations was the underlying belief. In the first scenario, I felt happy, liberated and free. I believed that the circumstances were making me more, they were adding to me and everything was perfect. In the second scenario, I believed that the very same wind blowing into my face, was somehow making me less, was not the right thing for me then.

Ventures Into Love: Day 8

Sometimes, our traps are so simple. The keys to these traps can be right there and yet, we fail to see them. Until we do. And realise that there was no need for repairs from the outside. It was us the whole damn time.  For me, the last practice( playing the detective) was mind boggling because I am now discovering so many words that I use which don’t serve me in the very least. And the fun part is so fun: choosing a new thought along the lines of a belief that is better suited for me is so much better than shopping! Today’s activity goes into this very same practice with a more specific goal at heart; to identify and change a story you are telling. This might be any kind of a story – a story that explains and justifies why you are the way you are, or a story that makes it okay for you to not be happier, a story that you think is true of yourself a story you feel trapped by, a story of neglect, a story for lack of compassion – that you tell to yourself or to others. Basically,

Ventures into Love: Day 7

Today, I realised that I could play detective.. scratch that , I could rock being THE detective of my life! I consider myself pretty bad at snooping, even to find out the answer to 'You Be The Detective’ sections in magazines. But this activity hits two birds with one stone! It reminds you of your only responsibility to create a glorious life for yourself…. And you get to be Sherlock Holmes. Okay, enough with the advertising. Let’s get down to business, shall we? Heehee. Your thoughts become the things, right? And you say the words that are in alignment with your thoughts. You act in alignment with your thoughts and words. So, the three things coming from your side of this awesome playfield of reality are your thoughts, words and actions. Imagine that the Universe is all Love, which it actually is. That there is abundance and healthy and harmony, laughter, friends and magic, being poured down on you; except that this is not reality for many of us, is it? If the U