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Ventures into Love: Day 9

Our experiences and life is a fascinating thing indeed.
There’s that thought that we are thinking of in the moment; it evokes an emotion in us. But the very same thought can evoke another emotion, can feel different in another situation.
Have you ever stuck your head out as you drive past country lanes?
That blast of fresh air and the exhilaration it brings is extraordinary. One of my favourite moments in life.

However, the very same 'The wind is blowing my face off' thought can feel icky and we want to roll the window up real fast and curl up in warmth; maybe it’s too cold outside or you feel chilly….

What changed in these situations was the underlying belief.
In the first scenario, I felt happy, liberated and free. I believed that the circumstances were making me more, they were adding to me and everything was perfect.
In the second scenario, I believed that the very same wind blowing into my face, was somehow making me less, was not the right thing for me then.
Ultimately, what I believed in changed how I reacted to the very same scenario.
So I think that I got my point through: Our beliefs are fundamental to how we experience reality.
But are they more important that our thoughts?
Not really.
This didn’t make sense to me until it did. Mike Dooley explains this one brilliantly.
Our beliefs are important because our thoughts become the things and events of our life.
Our beliefs allow us to think along certain lines, bringing us back to our thoughts being what we experience in life.

And by changing our beliefs, we think thoughts that are in alignment with who want to be.
This can be a toughie or a really fun project.
This can be fun if you let the Universe help you out.
You don’t have to get it perfectly right.
Just start wherever.
And the beliefs you choose need not be beliefs you already have. They can be beliefs you would like to have. They can be beliefs that feel like beautiful to you, but you are not sure if you really believe in them.
Write them all down.
 I did that and I take it with me wherever I go nowadays. I read through them whenever I get the time.
 Coupled with the 'detective' activity from a few days back, this activity can blast your life into a super galactic level of awesomeness!

Watch your thoughts, words and actions and see if they are in line with these beliefs you've written down. If not, then switch lines!
This can be fabulous when you decide to have fun with it.
Here are a bunch of beliefs I wrote down:
I believe that I move from a place of ease and effortlessness.

I believe that life is easy.
I believe that I am always at the right place at the right time.
I believe that I am surrounded by angels all the time, both in the seen and the unseen.
I believe that opportunities are being poured down on me.
 I believe that I meet incredible people who add to me in the most amazing ways.
I believe that I am a great conversationalist.
I believe that I am full of kindness, compassion and love.
I believe that I am at complete peace with every moment.
I believe that my body is miraculous and renews itself in every moment!
I believe that friends surround me.
I believe that inspiration is abundant in my life.

I believe that fun is all there is!
I believe that everything I touch turns to gold.
I believe that food is beautiful and I treat it with love and respect.
I believe that my life is glamorous, sparkly, sexy and fun!

I believe that I am photogenic!
I believe that we are all ancient gladiators of love, journeying through the magnificent jungles of time and space!
I believe that baby steps are easy to take!
I believe that I am light!
I believe that I am a beacon for amazing people, events and things!
I believe that I have so much time to do all that I want to do!
I believe that I am hale, hearty and healthy!
I believe that life is a breeze.

I believe that I respect everyone and everything, especially me.
I believe that my mind and body are in harmony with the spirit.
I believe that I always act out of love.
I believe that I am free!
I believe that I have received financial freedom…
I believe that there is only one Force and that is of Love.
I believe that there are more reasons to smile in every moment.
I believe that we are all natural healers of ourselves and of anyone we meet or think about.
I believe that I live among holistically healthy, wealthy and wise people.

I believe that I am always calm and composed in the now.
I believe that everything adds to me and makes me more.
I believe that money is easy.
I believe that me having mine does not stop others from having theirs. In fact, me having mine inspires others to receive what is theirs.
I believe that our Source is infinite and abundant.
These beliefs you write down will be a mixture of wishful ones and things you already know.
When you have an affirmation for what you already know, it helps you out when you are feeling lost. Like an anchor, it brings you back to your reality and who you identify yourself to be.
So go ahead and write those beautiful beliefs down! There is so much fun to be had!


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