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Ventures into Love: Day 4

Today is special, because those thoughts of yours, get to become reality, at least in part, and you get to experience that magnificence.
This might sound like a bit of an exaggeration when I tell you that today's activity is actually 'Showcase Your Inspiration'.
But this is genuinely how I felt – as if my mind was popping from the sheer awesomeness of it all – once I finished my handiwork and stepped back.

What am I talking about?
Well, since today’s activity called for setting up reminders around your home, workplace or wherever you spend most of your time in, I made a vision board and put it up on my wall!
The activity does not specify a vision board exactly; you get to choose among a myriad of imaginative options, all of which have one aim only: to spark thoughts and inspire action, in the general direction of our dreams. This is perfectly intuitive, as Mike Dooley pointed out, because our thoughts become the things in our lives.
And by setting up physical reminders to ourselves, we start thinking and believing and acting in alignment with those pictures.
There were numerous suggestions to carry on this activity: putting up our list of priorities from day 1, hanging up a quote or two, setting our phone's wallpaper to something inspiring and several more.
The vision board, however, holds significance to me because of my past experiences with it. I first tried one out, when I was 16. I was in my post- 'The Secret’ phase and I was kind of desperately acting out and trying to make sense of the promises that the book made.

I put up a board that had pictures of the NYU emblem, a NYU dorm room,( because I wanted to go to college there😂) a mic, a spotlight,( because I wanted to become an international mega popstar) a modern dancer twirling on one foot looking all perky and fit in her tiny tiny shorts( because I wanted a body like that so badly), Madison Square Garden, a concert crowd at Madison square garden ( to signify my concert, obviously) and a subway map of New York City.
I would then spend an hour or so everyday, trying to get into the picture and visualise and generally do what I thought the great minds featured in The Secret were talking about. Let me tell you this: my efforts made me think that creative visualisation was the hardest thing ever.

I believed that making a  vision board and visualising was the way to bring me closer to my dreams. I replaced the 'working hard and diligently for the life of my dreams’ part with 'visualisation and vision boards'. So if you think I sound counterintuitive, read that again.
I did try diligently for a few months; I stopped and then took it up again after a few months with a new set of pictures. The second attempt was better but still very hard and tiring.

So when I saw this vision board activity on this project, I had mixed feelings about it.
My curiosity won over however; every single spirituality teacher that I looked up to talked of creative visualisation as a treasured tool. Which meant that there had to be more to this than what I had previously experienced.
I let go of the past memories and my expectations and doubts and hopes as best as I could and decided to do this vision board just for the sake of creating a vision board; nothing else, no pressure. Here is how it came out…

Alright, I am not going to lie. This is not the first board I have made since the last fiasco I talked about. These past few months, I have been making attempts at vision boards and they yielded pretty good results.
In fact, I found that they were quite  fun to do if I decided that the vision board itself had no power to bring my dreams to life. Once the pressure alleviated, I realised how truly magical  making a vision board can be.
Now, I do up these boards with pictures that make no sense at times; I go with intuition as I select the pictures, putting up the ones that make me feel the most excited.
I remind myself, whenever I feel the pressure, that the Universe is not my personal shopper to whom I am listing out my requirements.

This vision board is not so that the Universe knows what I want exactly but so that I can feel excited about the transformations that I will get to experience soon, because my thoughts become the things in my life!

The details are exciting to get into and without the added pressure of wanting them, they transform your day effortlessly, changing your vibes and kicking them into high power, every single time you look at them!
So create a vision board and let’s get this party started!


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