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Ventures into Love : Day 1

Hiyaaaaaaa!!!! I am so excited about this! I am going to begin a 'blog journal entry..' thingy about this thirty day project.
To be more precise, Mike Dooley's Love your Life in 30 Days Project. Considering that this project blossoms into existence every January, starting from the New Year Day, I might be slightly off with this, beginning it in July( July 2 nonetheless). Well, I believe that every moment in time is a chance to start over, a chance for beginning afresh, because there ain’t nobody keeping account of you, babe!
The first day begins bright and shiny because we get to 'Get Clear with Our Priorities'.

We have to name at least five general areas in life in which we wish to see change and transformation in. And the idea here is to let go and think of a bigger picture, a bigger, more open idea of how you want your life to be like. For example, instead of going 'I want a wardrobe with the hottest of S/S 18’ or 'I want an air ticket for a ‘round the world’ trip’, we keep it general. We pick 'Money' as the area of change. Or 'Adventure'. See? General, light, breezy and easy.
Choosing a general area for change instead of attaching to specific details allows so much room for exciting possibilities.
Frankly speaking, this project is a huge relief to me. Talk about ultimate liberation from any kind of pressure! You don’t have to chase your dreams ( phew!). And , you don’t have to know what you want either!
 Having to know exactly what you want can be a heavy burden to bear, when you have this huge sense of doubt about what you actually want; what if you choose wrong?
And I have experienced the weight of attachments in times when a particular event, object or situation I was gripping to, slips away despite my hardest efforts. And the moment it leaves, I don’t feel sad. Instead, I feel this feeling of extraordinary peace and humongous relief.
Sometimes, confusion and fear abounds about making choices. What if we choose wrong?
All these worries and fears go right out of the window with this way of defining life goals.
 Besides, what is it that we actually want?
To feel good, to feel powerful, loved and in love, extraordinary and amazing, exhilarated and surprised, excited and happy… and it goes on and on.
But our goals are rarely painted in this way.
 We usually have this list of material things that we think will eventually give us all that was in the above list.
Sometimes, we get it right! That aromatherapy set( guilty😁) might actually be the solution for harmonious evenings. But many other times, we get it horrendously wrong. That is because what we see with our physical senses is so limited that it is impossible to see the magical unseen at work.
Keeping it general however, takes all that burden away, just like that.
So, here I am, declaring my general areas of change, listed according to priority:
1. Health
2. Abundance
3. Prosperity
4. Career
5. Family
Okay, I couldn’t resist. Here’s five more:
6. Spirituality
7. Creativity
8. Adventure
9. Love
10. Harmony
That’s it for today! Tata till tomorrow!😘😘😘


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