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Ventures Into Love : Day 11

I read the Secret when I was in the 9th grade and I remember feeling all pumped up and excited; I felt liberated, the possibilities were endless and everything seemed beautiful.

And then, life happened. 

I won’t lie and say that this sudden revelation slipped into oblivion; more like, my excitement over discovering the ultimate truth of life shadowed everything else. My ingrained beliefs about the limited sources in this world, the ideas and thoughts that had been with me for such a long time, got mixed up with my releasing revelations to yield a bittersweet reality - A reality that showed me a taste of what could be
 and shoved a whole load of junk in the form of why I couldn’t have what I wanted.

In other words, it was not enough. And by it, I mean the empowering and inspiring words of truth that had hinted at my true nature to me, which was just the stepping stone , for greater clarity.

What I did was treat the truth as a tool that would help me get a handle on life.
In other words, I separated my life, the Secret, the world and myself into different entities; I saw them as things with no connection to one another.
And I missed the truth, just like that.
Then, The Magic happened.
I went through 28 days of diligent gratitude as per the instructions of the book and I felt incredible. I saw the changes in myself and my life; I felt more alive and connected than ever.
I attributed this extraordinary peace I had suddenly received, to the book.
I continuously repeated the practices over several months, with each month leading to more and more confusion.
This was when I started my subscription to Notes from the Universe.
And my life opened up like a blossoming sunflower, in the morning light.

I realised my power in all its glory and I felt free.
For a few months.
The Notes made sense but I was not feeling liberated.
My gratitude practices started feeling like a chore.
I decided to then let go of trying to make sense of all this and decided to give myself a break.
I decided, what the hell, reality without trying to figure the underlying code wasn’t that bad, surely.
And I had fun for a few months, pretending that life was happening to me.
Again, the peace and joy lasted a few months.
I fell sick, then. Again and again. 
Despite all my efforts to be healthy, I was experiencing a significant lack in health and vitality.

I decided to get back to my practices and I felt the change in my health, almost immediately.
I swore never to deviate from the spiritual practices I had learnt.
And then, I fell sick. Again.

This was the moment of truth for me!
Despite my efforts in spiritual righteousness, I had fallen sick.
Finally, finally, I realised that my Source was not that book.

It was me.
Al this time, it had been me.
The book had changed my life because of me.
I had experienced all that I had experienced because I had decided to experience it.
I had missed the core truth of all the wonderful teachings I had received.
This world, according to several life coaches, spiritual teachers and the like, is very primitive.
A thought, that severely contradicts several of our beliefs. Most of us think that we live in the age of extraordinary development and success.
True, when we look outside and away, everything is shiny, sleek and fast.  

 Technological advancements are soaring. Every activity in our daily lives is getting easier and easier. 
Yet, we are nowhere near the satisfaction we expect off of these magnanimous manifestations.

The more we achieve as a civilization, the more we attribute our achievements to 'sources' that are anything, but the Source.
We pretend to be hamsters caught in a wheel of pointlessness when we are anything but. We then pretend we have a higher purpose and start working our asses off.

Trapped in the fear of being submerged in this illusion we call reality, many of us are now choosing to look for some answers.

Several of us are receiving the answers in rather startling and 'in the face' manners. 

We cannot create a picture without us in the picture.
A simple truth, yet we have forgotten.

But does that mean we have to stay blind?
Does it mean that we have to pretend everything is  a chance play and we are cosmic accidents?

Why hide when you can receive the truth?
And why pretend that the truth is not known when it has been there, all this time, right within us?
I read somewhere that every single one of us, living in this world, this so called primitive world, is here by choice.
What better way to have fun than to drop right into the currents of a civilization that is at exciting crossroads?

Why was I going on and on about such deep and thought provoking ideas, you ask?
Well, today’s practice is Surrounding Ourselves With Empowering Resources.
We keep ourselves within reach of the truth. We maintain connection, as much as possible, with evidence of our true nature.

As we live by choice, in a primitive world, we are constantly bombarded by limiting ideas, situations of lack and decrement.
Which means, we can by choice, strive to remember the truth as much as possible.
This doesn’t mean that we physically go guns blazing at all sources that speak of lack and poverty.
We choose to seek ways that will remind us of where our true power lies: it is always here and always now; it is in our thoughts in the here and now.
Here are some ideas: subscribe to Notes From The Universe.
Read inspirational books that resonate with you.
Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver is a magnificent way to open yourself to the magic of effortlessness and ease.
Life on Earth – Who we are, How we got Here, and What we can do with our time in space by Mike Dooley is a fascinating read.
Download the Hay House Radio app, subscribe to their newsletter; Hay House is my go to place for release. Look out for their World Summits and free programs. They have led me on extraordinary adventures.
Check out The Sedona Method. Listen to the teachings of Hale Dwoskin for turning your everyday into a complete breeze.
Sonia Choquette, Merav Richter, Kris Carr and Robert Holden are a few others you should look up.
Again, these are the resources I have discovered so far. You should of course, look for resources through your own eyes and heart and choose ones that resonate with you.
Do what you can, no matter how little and measly your efforts might seem, with whatever you have from wherever you are.
That is all you ever need to do. And without a chance, the Flow of Love and Light and Extraordinary Awesomeness will engulf you in its warm currents, taking you to places right out of your wildest dreams.


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