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Help The Invisible Children.

Help The Invisible Children.
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Mission Revenge

MISSION REVENGE - Anonymous "I got the moves like Jagger, I got the moves like Jagger, I got the mooooves like Jagger." I jumped on the hotel bed holding two socks rolled into one in front of my mouth as a mike, as I sang and danced along to the song on TV. "Sarah! If you don't shut up, I am not taking you out. I will lock you in this hotel room and desert you here." Rayn shouted from the toilet. Poor guy probably has a case of diarrhea. I warned him against eating those chillies. Girls do not find a man choking on his spit and chilly bile attractive. But he wouldn't listen would he? I took in a deep breath and screamed, "RAAAAAYN! CAN! YOU! HEAR! ME!" Trying my best to scream and imitate Dory's whale speak from Nemo at the same time. There was silence for a couple of seconds. "Aaaaaaaah!" I had a feeling he regretted ever inviting me to accompany him. His dad had given him two plane tickets to France, seeing as

Holiday Buzz?

I love festive seasons! There are lights and laughter everywhere; every moment is full of joy and life is inescapeably and undeniably bright all the time. Funny thing though, the reason why a particular day became idealised and praised originally lost its significance a long long time ago. Sure, it was the miracle come true, death turned to life so so cool situation back when it first happened( the event being glorified I mean). But in the present, it is hardly significant in changing our lives; the commercials announcing Season discounts have more of a part to play than the event itself does.  Much like our birthdays. Hardly do we celebrate these days remembering the significance it has on our presence in the present. It is, I feel, a reason, an excuse to celebrate life as is our deepest wish in all that we be and do. Because the very thought of stopping these celebrations saying,' WTH! How does it matter?', is like a stake through the heart.  We cannot. Stop , I

Remember The Magic!

Remember The Magic - it was created for you!                                           -Rhonda Byrne The magic of life is evident in that we receive a brand new day every single day! If eternity and immortality are unimaginable subjects, the change of day into night into day should give you an idea of it all! And even more convincing of the resplendent nature of this Universe is that each day holds beauty and bounty, surprises and coincidences, light and dark that is completely and utterly unqiue to the day itself! Sure, every morning has us up and about from bed, with a brush in our hand and the smell of toothpaste in the air. Maybe its the same turn of the tap, the same routine of hot water gushing out of the showers( or freezing cold water from a tap in my case). But the new- ness is there if we just choose to look at it. We did not start the previous day with the same things on our mind yesterday; what happened yesteday changes our today which results in a completel

Magic Mirror

Change the person in the mirror and your world will change. The world is the reflection of our insides. And I do not mean our intestines and whatnot because that would be kind of gross. No, I mean our minds. The external is a result of what is going on in the inside and this has so many facets to it. A lot of my friends and a few of my family received this piece of insight with quite a lot of apprehension. But it is the truth nonetheless. How we think determines how we see the world. How we feel determines what we notice. Our ideas and beliefs shape our life as we take actions in line with these beliefs. So to change the outside world is effortless, for it requires a slight tweaking onthe inside. The best way to do anything, be it creste or bring change, undo or redo, is to get to the core. And the core of life is our self and who we are as a person. The core of everything is how we look at ourselves and how we treat ourselves. Which means, giving to ourselves what we m