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Remember The Magic!

Remember The Magic - it was created for you!

                                          -Rhonda Byrne

The magic of life is evident in that we receive a brand new day every single day! If eternity and immortality are unimaginable subjects, the change of day into night into day should give you an idea of it all!

And even more convincing of the resplendent nature of this Universe is that each day holds beauty and bounty, surprises and coincidences, light and dark that is completely and utterly unqiue to the day itself!

Sure, every morning has us up and about from bed, with a brush in our hand and the smell of toothpaste in the air. Maybe its the same turn of the tap, the same routine of hot water gushing out of the showers( or freezing cold water from a tap in my case). But the new- ness is there if we just choose to look at it. We did not start the previous day with the same things on our mind yesterday;

what happened yesteday changes our today which results in a completely unique day every day; the events of yesterday shape our thoughts and in turn, our world for the next day.

Our hopes and wishes change with every second in passing. We want something different than what we did yesterday. We know more, we have seen more and been more than we have ever been before!( Yay! That rhymed!)

And the best way to start a 'today' is to Remember the best bits of yesterday! Going back through the myriad of experiences of the day before is a fascinating journey, one that will yield fruits that would have otherwise not been recognised.

The thing about looking at the events of the day before is that you give enough time to pass after events, particularly startling ones that pulled you completely out of your comfort zone.

These incidents seem dreary immediately ; but with a bit of time, our minds will open themselves to the magnificent bits, the funny bits, the enlightening insights and the true purpose of the incident.

This is why Remember the Magic is so potent a practice.

You will realize the best of the previous day, finding the beauty in the previously thought ugly and come out wiser and happier. You will come out with satisfaction for the day that you had and with anticipation for the day ahead.

Going through the day before, extract the best moments in the entire day. Find every single event and give your heartfelt thanks to it all! Write it down with details or just go through it in your mind.

I love this practice mainly because it is so easy! Not only do I feel insanely good when I finish up, I also intentionally declare my will for the day!( to surpass all known limits of awesomeness that previously existed!)

Sometimes, I remember a particularly amazing meal( food is a priority as always) or a a really warm compliment. It might be a really simple thing, like an amazing night's sleep or something out of the ordinary, like a dare gone wild! The mysteries and the extraordinaries overlap with the comfort and warmth and produce a magical picture of the previous day, mine to hold forever and more!( or until the next morning when an even more mind blowing day's events take up my brain space!)

Remember The Magic is the last practice in The Magic. And its not goodbye.

 You just go back and start over again! That is what I did. Or one can choose a practice a day or even choose a completely different adventure to go on. But without a doubt, this book opened a world I would not have known existed for me. And the doors that have opened, even more unimaginably so! Perspectives have changed and new beliefs have dawned. And I have gone all out crazy , with no limits holding me down!

Ultimate freedom or what?

Day 28:

I am grateful for having gotten to draw water from a well because the plop! and the whoosh whoosh whoosh! and the swish splash! was all so much fun!

I am grateful for mysterious outlooks and secret incidents that are so pleasing and hot and cold all at the same time and deliciously so!

I am grateful for the strength and power to lend a helping hand to friends in need of support , no matter how small the gesture because giving is an utter joy!


I am grateful for there always being not just one 'way but a ton of great alternatives to everything in life which takes life to new dimensions of perfection!

I am grateful for the cones in my retina thst show me the world in all of its colorful glory!

I am grateful the self healing mechanism of my body that rejuvenates and regenerates every part of my body, giving me a brand new radiant work of efficiency and cutting edge awesomeness every once in awhile!

I am grateful for it being festive season, with Christmas around the corner and a completely brand new year full of exciting possibilites just a bit more further around because to celebrate life is to live in paradise!

I am grateful for the people who collect my trash every single day, leaving behind clean pure amazing goodness for me to wallow in!

I am grateful for being able to help so many people in so many different ways because to share and give joy is the most brilliant thing in life, ever!

I am grateful for the upcoming Christmas vacation plans because I get to see all of my family and relatives during this beautiful time of the year!


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