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Help The Invisible Children.

Help The Invisible Children.
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💰 Money Magnet

GRATITUDE IS RICHES. COMPLAINT IS POVERTY. And that , seems to be the only difference between the rich and the poor. Not just 'money' rich but any kind of rich, be it contentment , passion, joy, confidence.... Gratitude is the only way to have more, says Rhonda Byrne. Maybe, through the law of attraction, gratitude for money attracts more abundant money situations. But it seems to me that just that feeling -of realising and feeling abundance, feeling that what we have is truly great - is all that we actually want. The actual'money', that teensy weensy detail which we depend on, which brings that divide between the rich and the poor doesn't actually have any power at all, nothing it can be or do can get us to that ultimate feeling of abundance. It is a detail, is all that it is. That feeling is what we are truly after. And that feeling does not need money. How cool is that? We are already everything we want to be because we can already feel all that we

The Magic Ingredient

Food, glorious food!!! Life without food is unimaginable, obviously. But to a person who's every waking moment is planned around food , a life without food becomes merely survival and nothing more. The wow! Factor of life is food, for me. It's the chilli , the spice and the sweetness. And even though food already played a huge part of my conscious and intentional life, this practice was glorious, if not more. The Magic Ingredient.That is what Gratitude is called. The way to add it into the food I eat, and eventually into my life is so simple. I look at my food before I start stuffing it in my mouth. I think back (as much as I can with what I know of food production) about the steps involved before the raw ingredients became the marvel that is on my plate. I also go back to how the raw ingredients came to be. Sometimes, I even go as far back as to when the Earth becoming the Earth we know it to be. And when I bring that sense of worldliness to my plate, I feel