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And that , seems to be the only difference between the rich and the poor. Not just 'money' rich but any kind of rich, be it contentment , passion, joy, confidence.... Gratitude is the only way to have more, says Rhonda Byrne.
Maybe, through the law of attraction, gratitude for money attracts more abundant money situations. But it seems to me that just that feeling -of realising and feeling abundance, feeling that what we have is truly great - is all that we actually want. The actual'money', that teensy weensy detail which we depend on, which brings that divide between the rich and the poor doesn't actually have any power at all, nothing it can be or do can get us to that ultimate feeling of abundance.
It is a detail, is all that it is. That feeling is what we are truly after. And that feeling does not need money. How cool is that? We are already everything we want to be because we can already feel all that we want to feel without any of the details. So long, Fear! Not gonna miss ya, stress! Boo yah!
  Today , I said " thank you" for ten bills that were paid for me.( Well ,  I actually have to do the practice for bills I paid. But since I am joyfully jobless right now, I said thank you for what my parents are doing. Same difference) The purpose here seems to be to directly replace a dirty habit we have-grumbling about prices when bills gotta be paid... Preposterous if you ask me considering that we are receiving a service/thing that went through so much effort to come to us AND we need it. 
We find it hard to bring out Gratitude for paying up. Is it because we are afraid that we won't have money for tomorrow?
Is is because we are suspicious of being tricked out of our money and into poverty? Or is it just a conditioned response of fear when it comes to giving out money? FEAR atleast is constant in any scenario concerning money. 
And when I found that out, about fear being the root cause for unhappiness, I fought so hard with it. I struggled to remove fear out of my system. Did it work? 'Course not. Did not work one bit. Because trying to remove fear itself was fear in action. I had just gone a bit further into the fear, becoming afraid of not only losing money  but also fearing the fear of losing money. Make sense?
 But gratitude, true real bone deep liberating gratitude did not require for me to address my fear at all. I had to be grateful, was all. When I said thank you, I was focussing on how grateful I was. And I realised something else: the mind can ever truly focus only one single thing at a time. I am not joking. It is impossible for the mind to focus on even 1.0000000001 things. One thing. That is all. That is the law of absolution. And it makes life bloody easy, doesn't it? At any time of the day, you are either happy or sad. You can't be both. You are either afraid or not. Never both.
And when gratitude is what you are putting out into the universe, truly focussing on being grateful and not trying to see what you are sending out into the heavens , you will attract more money abundant situations. And you won't be wanting money because you will be busy feeling grateful for it. Which suggests the perfection of the magic at work, don't you think? 
Day 8:
1. I am grateful for the magnificent trip to my grandparents place because I got to eat out at this amazing restaurant called TOVO! Plus I got to see my grandparents.
2. I am grateful for my sister having gone to Mumbai for four days because I received the time and circumstances to truly reflect on her presence in my life and what it means. For some strange reason, it seems easier to see the good in stuff when they go AWOL.
3. I am grateful for salad dressings because they make the salad feel like actual food instead of making me feel like a rabbit.

4. I am grateful for having such a huge crazy mad fun family whose remainder is enough to get you through the toughest of telling offs.

5. I am grateful for WhatsApp because YAY!  for  free messages, pictures , videos , music...blah blah blah .
6. I am grateful for chairs having arm rests because not only are they awesomely kind enough to support our a....butts 
but they also support our elbows! Go chairs with arm rests!!!

7. I am grateful for air kisses and flying kisses because they involve zero germ and dirt transfer.

8. I am grateful for martial arts and secret agent movies because they showed me how fun it can be to pretend I am a spy in my head and dreams...

9. I am grateful for shorts because they are pants, only shorter and are brilliantly comfortable pieces of clothing.
10. I am grateful for the stars that shine in the night sky because they've taught me that you don't always have to be the Sun to shine bright.


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