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Works like Magic!

And it's a work day!

Not for me, cuz I don't work.
Atleast not yet. ( Ah, the joys of studenthood...particularly one under the shelter of one's parent's income...) But the words under this practice are special to me. Having been 'ambitious' all my life (I am the epitome of ambition. My dreams always slightly hint on imaginary craziness and fantasies),
this practice seemed like a goldmine to the go getter in me. Why is success so sparse among mankind?

Why is satisfaction so rare to come across? Why is it that most of our dreams never come true? Is it because of the lack of total resources? Is it only 'meant to be' for a few? But that seems antiparallel to  our direction in life.

If our dreams don't mean anything, our life seems to lose a huge chunk of its purpose. Our dreams vary across many areas of life.
But they are what makes us get up with hope every morning.
The reason why 'WORKS LIKE MAGIC' seemed like a gateway to my dreams  was because all of my dreams( okay, 98% of it) surround my career options. So, HALLELUJAH!
Sound the bells! umm..drum the get the point. I was ecstatic!
GRATITUDE is the missing link, the  bridge between here and there, between what is and what could be. Being grateful, it struck me, was the very last thing I was doing when it came to working towards my dream life. I could have said thank you for the very fact that I had stuff in my life I felt passionate about , stuff I wanted to magnify and make, a bigger part in my life. Instead, I was complaining about the Kardashians.
Yeah, they get paid to just live; But why would I want that? Gratitude for what was, made me realise that the beauty of what could be would not have been visible to me had it not been for my present.
In other words, I had to be a caterpillar before I became the butterfly, because how else would I know the beauty of flight?
Works like Magic has you thinking of all the things you are grateful for about your work, the perks, the pay, the coworkers, all that's hot and happening in your job.
Wow, that sounds great Vanmathi! But guess what? You don't have a job! Congratulations!
I guess I could have skipped over to the next practice.
But the idea of an invisible manager following me around, taking note of all my "Aren't I lucky?" moments was irresistable( Rhonda Byrne does have an infectious imagination). I looked up the word in the dictionary.
job -a paid position of regular employment.
                                    Gah! Nooooo...
job-a task or piece of work, especially one that is paid.
                                   Okayyyy, slightly better but not there yet.

job-a responsibility or duty
There it is!
So what were my responsiblities? Well, I had to make good use of my time in college. I had to take care of my health.
I had to have fun in life, because if I don't, then what's the point?
I realized that not earning doesn't mean that I had no duties. I already had so many duties that I was carrying out everyday. I was responsible for brushing my teeth every day, because  Ew! Bad breath otherwise! But was I saying Thank you? Nope. Definitely not. So I did that. I made this huge list in my head, saying thank you for all my previously mind numbing boring routines. And guess what? They became not so boring any more. I was dancing during brushing time, feeling exhilarated after a cold bath!
I was living THE LIFE and it was me who changed, not my life. My list of dreams went shorter by half like BAM! It was that easy. And I still wasn't working. HUH....

Day 6:
1. I am grateful for the dustbins that hold together all the dirt and goop in one safe corner because clean houses are awesome and the dustbin is truly kind hearted and magnificent to be performing such a great deed, all for our well being.
2.I am grateful for hair dryers because one instant, I am dripping all over the place and the next instant, WHOOOOSH! I'm dry!!!

3.I am grateful for having danced in the dark, under the stars, basking in moonlight because the experience is surreal and feels like I am taking flight!
4.I am grateful for celebrity crushes because they open up a world of infinite possibilities, where everything is just peachy all the time!

5.I am grateful for tissues because they make goodbyes so effortless!
6.I am grateful for bananas because you peel ( tada!), peel ( Tada!) ,peel(TADA!) and lo and behold! The best GRAB AND GO EVER!
7.I am grateful for all the wildlife that we get to share our planet with because it is so nice to look at faces that are not human!

True, It also broadens our minds and gives us perspective but its still a nice change from my sister's face.
8.I am grateful for gravity because I like it when my food is on my plate. Imagine if it were flying around!

Also, deers could fly away before the lions could get near and the poor lions would starve...
But the lions could fly too if there was no even-steven! But the atmosphere???......Pressure....Hmmmmm......
9.I am grateful for the saliva that flows into my mouth and sparks up every bit of the morsel I put into my mouth and for it clearing the way for the next awesome thing to grace my oral cavity.
10.I am grateful for JK Rowling having written Harry Potter because ... well, because its Harry Potter! And a world without Harry Potter seems unimaginable!


  1. I have never seen work from that point of view so thank you for giving me a new perspective. :P Also where do you find these pictures? XD Good work as always.


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