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Day 2 Of The Magic

Since I posted my gratitude list for the day yesterday, I figured , why not do the all the magic practices from the Magic and record my experience? Albeit I won't be doing it for the first time but that can't be helped. I completed day 1 yesterday; Day 2 involves the very same plus a bit more. I am supposed to be adding ten things I am grateful for everyday for the next 27 days. So here goes, the first part of today's practice:

Day 2:

  •  With all my heart, thank you for ORANGES because
                        1. they are orange and just looking at these bright balls of glory cheers me up.
                        2. they are sweet and sour and taste magnificent!

  • I am grateful for the stuffed clown-fish that my mom gifted me because it IS ORANGE and looks like an ORANGE!!!(I named it CITRUS!)
  • I am grateful for the magnificent view from our terrace because it is breathtaking!
  • I am grateful for clean surfaces( floors, desk name it) because they are sooo............................................clean!
  • I am so very truly grateful for having legs because they let me dance, jump, run to the loo and kick my sister!
  • I am really really grateful for trolleys and suitcases having wheels because they make work so effortless and my back says 'thank you" too!
  • Thank you so much for music because it makes me feel so strong and fills me up with hope and excitement for today and for everything that is to come....
  • I am grateful for peace and calm existing in this world because if it did not even exist, we would never have known how profound an effect it has on one's sense of individuality and war would have been all there was. But since it exists, we know that there is something that we should be striving for.

  • I am truly grateful for laughter because the very sound of it fills me with content and satisfaction not unlike the feeling after a delicious breakfast of pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup and........drool😌😌😌
I am grateful for pretty notebooks being sold because I have a notebook fetish that is satisfied because of awesome people designing and selling awesome notebooks!

Coming to the next part of today's practice, I am supposed to find a rock , a magic rock that is special and nice and gives me a tingly feel when I look at it. That was not necessarily the description Rhonda Byrne gave, but my magic rock does give that feel.
          I found my rock outside my Biochem lab and it looked quite ugly then . I had been searching for a rock all day, I was desperate, the day was coming to an end and this was the only stone like thingy I could see. I picked it up fast before anyone could see me and raise uncomfortable questions.( such as why I even needed a rock in the first place. That would mean telling them all about the book and I was so not in the mood for that). I took it back to my room and soaked it in soap water for 2 hours straight and scrubbed it to death. And I ended up with this beautiful pebble that fit perfectly in my hands. 
                             Funny thing is, I never hold it in my hand for the practice. See, you are supposed to hold it in your palm and think back through the day's events and say 'thank you' for the best thing that happened that day. The rock is supposed to serve as a remainder to include gratitude into your daily routine. So I took the rock to college with me, rubbed it for good luck but never held it as I said 'thank you' every night. I was always too tired to do anything extra once I slid under my sheets( lazeeeee). But I do remember everyday to SAY thank you; I just don't do it the way it is supposed to be done.
I am at home now on break and I left my rock back in my room.Hmmmmm.... I really should use my rock more often. How can I be grateful about this situation? I am grateful that I did not bring my magic rock with me made my suitcases weigh less?.....Gahhh... I gotta work on this one.


  1. Nice Nemo fish you got there XD And I can't believe that's your view from the terrace. It is really amazing. Keep up the good work!👍👍

  2. Van ur gratitude is just overflowing😊those pancakes r mouthwatering.👌lucky u to have them for breakfast.I abandoned my magic rock too🙏



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