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My Gratitude List

Gratitude is a beautiful thing for those who really practice it; it has the power to change any situation, whether in the past, the present or the future, bringing new perspectives , creating new paths for one to take and opening one's eyes to the magic of life.

 Rhonda Byrne's book 'The Magic' truly changed me in ways that I can hardly comprehend. And when I changed, the things around me changed too. All of a sudden dreams were coming true and joy was all there was.

   It's been a while now and I was thinking about blogging about its sheer awesomeness and stuff. But then I was like, ' Why not blog my daily morning gratitude list itself?'

 My reasons are these: Firstly , if I am going to post my thank yous , I will be putting a lot of thought into it, so much more than if it were just a daily routine, like brushing. Secondly, when I was first starting out with the law of attraction wave and living my dreams and all these new age-y things, I was always starved for a bit more personal and relatable information. Now that I know what is happening with reality and what I should be doing to get into the magic, what exactly was the inside story ? Where are the vlogs? Why isn't it all more specific? They could tell a bit more on how they say their thank yous. What are their dreams? None of which should concern me but it was always a reassurance and a push forwards when I found out the personal stuff. It inspired me to do what I could do when I actually saw the action. It's like a dance teacher saying, ' you step back , step front, jump and twirl' and watches you , expecting you to bring to life , his words. It is always better if he said the words and also said,", let me show you" and did the routine too. Not that I am a teacher or anything. Just that , for anyone starting out on this path, a gratitude list of someone else might just be slightly helpful , a small flower on their road to their dreams ( Now  that is slightly too much for the lists I write) Or they could just laugh at how odd people can be.( That is a bit more apt)
That's all the reasons I've got.

August 16, 2017

1. I am really really grateful for the amazing birthday this year because I had cheesecake!
2. I am so so grateful for the many many wishes and good thoughts people sent my way because it means that so many took the time to think good things for me, so many people took time out of their lives to do something special for me and it was all so amazing!!!
3. With all my heart, I am grateful for fans, strong cool breezes and air conditioning because the feel of cool air against a sweaty back is the most relieving thing ever!

4. I am grateful to whoever invented Peanut Butter because it is the best creation by human beings!!!

5. Thank you so much for teeth to chew because chewing food makes good food taste even better!!

6. I am grateful for the birthday card my sister gave me because she wrote a beautiful song about me and how awesome and stupid I am which was so touching and sweet and hilarious all at the same time!!!

7. I am grateful for the birthday wishes from my uncle because he composed a special tune for me, combining classic retro and rock which took my ear drums to places it's never been before!
8. I am grateful for the sun being out during the day and for it, going away during the night because of which there is light when we need to see where we go and what we do and there is dark during the night which lulls us to sleep!
9. I am grateful for so many colours in this world because colours light up the world and is so much more interesting than Black and white!
10. I am grateful for spoons because they let me eat without washing my hands!!!

Alright....this list might include seriously normal stuff like the sun and spoons and what not, but the best things in life are what we take for granted; they are the things we give no second thought over and they deserve to be glorified in our heads atleast.


  1. Lot of similar things I'm grateful for here but nice wording! It's a good idea to post your gratitude list, after all I too was clueless on how to go about starting so thanks for the example����


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