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Help The Invisible Children.

Help The Invisible Children.
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Magic Check

I love money. Everyone loves money. Who doesn't? Money can buy so much stuff! IT can envelop you and cocoon you in comfort. It can show you sights and wonders unbelievably beautiful. It can give you a hell of an experience during your stay on earth. Really, being rich is not overrated at all. Sure, money can't buy you happiness. But you sure can buy a lot of other stuff necessary for life. While it is true that money is important, it is definitely not the ultimate goal. Money and abundance should be one of the side effects, the view from a window on a ride; We use it to do all the things we wanted to do, to experience life on earth to the limit.  How can money then, become a given in life so that one may enjoy pursuits and adventures on earth? How can you get the gate passes to paradises and wonderlands easily? How can we go for it when we don't have the entry fee? By giving thanks! Yup, gratitude is weird that way; It can give you every

🌞Magic and Miracles in Health🌞

If there is one thing in life , more important than anything, it is HEALTH. Literally.  Take health out of the equation and we are nothing. The blocks will fall over because the base said ' Goodbye!', upped and left. Sure, a heart break is bad. But we come back. We survive. Money gone? If the condition continues, maybe we might starve and die. But otherwise, the condition itself is not fatal. Health , however is nothing like anything else. Stop the flow of health into your body, BOOM ! You dead. I don't mean to sound pessimistic , but health IS that important. And when I saw that gratitude can bring back health in all its burning glory, I was jumping out of my seat, exclaiming, " I LOVE LIFE!!!"  I've had my share of sick days, ( more than my share even) and this practice, glorious as it is,  has blown me into this paradise of health! I know what your'e thinking; SHUT UP GAL, and tell what the practice is already! Well,