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👬👫👭Magically✨ Heal💔💓 Your Relationships👪

This is a beautiful practice because life is mostly about love.

Okay, that is stupid. LIFE IS LOVE.
And what better manifestation of love is there than the relationships we have with people?
This is amazing because so many souls to love means we are gifted with that many windows to view the wonder and kick ass works of the Universe!

But when things are that deep( love between people, I mean), that profound in meaning , the chances that we forget- our motive to look out the window -is high.

We lose perspective and we become scared and cautious. We try to protect ourselves forgetting that we are eternal beings who cannot become lesser in any way. We were not defensive when there was only love. It was all magical because unconsciously, we were sure of ourselves. But with lost perspectives and fear creeping in .... That is when the window shuts and we are left staring at our own reflection; which is just fear.
We throw words and anger at ourselves , totally deluded and lost. And the glass shows us what we throw at it and we retaliate and the cycle goes on and on until we realise the illusion we are trapped in.
Pretty easy to turn something sweet into something sour, eh?( actually, I like sour. Hmmm....Spicy? Nah..I like spicy too..)

And even when we leave the presence of that person , forever or for a short period of time, the defensive snappy comments in our head don't go away.

We hate on them thinking it makes us feel better; but in truth , anger can never make us feel happy. Which seems kinda obvious because how the hell are you supposed to be happy when you are angry?
What if, irrespective of whether the person is right or wrong, with us or not, we could let go easily of this vice we are strangling ourselves with ?
Because these feelings are not something we like , are they? I sure don't. I like to be surrounded by love and joy; to breathe in pure bliss. Bitching about people is so not giving me those feelings.

It IS very hard to accept and move on. It is hard to forgive them for something they have clearly been wrong about. But what if there was a way we could feel good about the situation? What if we could feel great when we think about that person again? 

I first used this practice to feel good about all those friends who I felt had betrayed me. I became scared of encounters with people and I've stayed that way for so long until very recently. I tried to not become close with anyone which I now realise as self defense and not "being too cool to care". 

Here's what we have to do to heal ourselves and in turn, our relationships:
Write down ten things that were good about that relationship and thank the person for that. 

The book says, write down about the things that made the relationship awesome before it all ended or became bad. That way, it is easier to find ten things to be grateful for. I try to find things to be grateful for in whatever that made the relationship feel not so good.

Recently I have been using this practice on my teachers. They yell at me and I feel humiliated and wrongly accused.

They calling me irresponsible? What the... you get the point.
They make life slightly less magical for me,...........or do they? They just said a few words with a certain kind of body language. But it was I who labelled it" OOOHH.....BAAAD...SCARY....BOOHOO".

I could just have gone all " Wow! I can see their uvula when they yell! That is so cool!"
 OR something that turned the situation to a fun one.
But nope. It was me who twisted it around ; which means I get to make it as awesome as I want it to be! 

I thank them for helping me raise my stamina,
I thank them for reminding me that I've become too dependent on them for my good mood,
I thank them for reminding me the importance of patience and compassion,

I thank them for teaching me to be better than anything I've ever been,
I thank them for spicing my life up with the suddenness of these encounters,
I thank them for the fire this incident causes to burn in my veins and I thank them for the dose of motivation they induced that jolts me into action. 
I thank them for tons of stuff like this and just when I am about to finish my list, Voila! More stuff pop into my head. Suddenly ,  all I can be is grateful for the entire ordeal. Magically Healed!

Day 14: 
I am grateful for rechargeable batteries because I get to work with it and whoosh! , it gets drained. I plug it in and whoosh! again. Full Power! Awesome sauce invention is what it is!

I am grateful for the duo lingo app that lets me learn Spanish because I've wanted to for so long and now I get to for free! It gives me pronunciations and grammar and teaches so much new stuff everyday so easily, I feel like I am acing the language already!( Yo soy la manzana!)

I am grateful for cocoa powder because it lets you add amazing chocolate flavour to anything and everything! ( cocoa flavored omelettes ? Oh yeah baby!)

I am grateful for crazy patterned pants and shirts because the patterns make me go crazy and high!
I am grateful for duct tape and glue because they bring almost anything together!

I am grateful for dancing ,crunches and so many 'non sit-up' ways to get abs because abs are awesome and easy abs are even more awesome!

I am grateful for tomatoes because they have an amazing flavour and can be used in so many ways! Eat it... Fruit! Smash it...tomato puree! Boil the puree... Tomato sauce! Add a bunch of herbs and whatever that turns the sauce to ketchup....Ketchup!

I am grateful for combs because I get to give myself a wonderful head massage every time I comb my shorty shorty hair!

I am grateful for door frames being so high up because I can walk into and out of rooms blissfully without having to bend down or hit my head when I forget to.

I am grateful for fingers at the end of my hands that let me write, use spoons, forks and chopsticks, pick up stuff, tickle my sister and scratch myself.


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