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Magic Check

I love money. Everyone loves money. Who doesn't?
Money can buy so much stuff! IT can envelop you and cocoon you in comfort. It can show you sights and wonders unbelievably beautiful. It can give you a hell of an experience during your stay on earth. Really, being rich is not overrated at all. Sure, money can't buy you happiness. But you sure can buy a lot of other stuff necessary for life.

While it is true that money is important, it is definitely not the ultimate goal.

Money and abundance should be one of the side effects, the view from a window on a ride;

We use it to do all the things we wanted to do, to experience life on earth to the limit.

 How can money then, become a given in life so that one may enjoy pursuits and adventures on earth? How can you get the gate passes to paradises and wonderlands easily? How can we go for it when we don't have the entry fee?

By giving thanks! Yup, gratitude is weird that way; It can give you everything. Name the amount, tell to yourself what you want it for, you will get it, no problem, no questions asked, no strings attached! Absolutely free! FREE MONEY!
Or being able to experience what you want - which you THINK needs lots of money -anyway.
This practice is called the "MAGIC CHECK" and its actually super magical, more magical than the fake money you used to make that bought you a ticket to a castle in the sky.(cough, me, cough)

You write down the amount of money you need; You say thank you for having received it and you feel excited because now, you get to do whatever it was that you wanted to do!

This practice however has a catch: You have to be specific in your mind, not of the digits of the amount of money you need, but what you hope to achieve with it.

 Because it is pretty clear: We are not actually after the money. We search for the joy, the fun , the excitement of life and when we find that some gates remain closed, we want to experience the untold and we try to do whatever to get into the party.

But, so often we forget that it was the promise of paradise that reeled us into the adventure, not the gate pass. Suddenly, we start wanting more gate passes. We start collecting them, we get obsessed over it, totally forgetting what we really wanted. We go as crazy as ... a crazy.... person.

 But we have a choice;

 To enter the gate and into the wonderland that tempted us into going on the journey in the first place.

When we decide we want in, we go on this beautiful journey complete with adventures, surprises, love and joy( an appetizer if you will) which becomes one of the best parts of the entire ordeal after you get into wonderland. Getting the gate pass (the money) is an inevitable part of the journey.

The pass is ready, waiting for you to enjoy the entry way and the locality before you get to the destination; The decision to get in is all we have to do.

Day 17:
I am grateful for soup dumplings because , well,for one, it IS the best food ever,

what with being so soft and full of the most delicious soup I've ever tasted and the dipping sauce.....Oh My God...and the bits of meat and the ginger scent ......mmmmmmmmmmmm.....

and also, it is so exciting to eat!
You have to nibble at the dough and let out the steam; Slurp the yummy soup but not too fast! You don't wanna burn your tongue; Careful there, don't spill the soup , the yummy yummy soup..ooohh..a drop got lost... The Perfect Adventure food!

I am grateful for the new idea to help my sister learn because I get to pose the red blood cells, white blood cells and any subject that needs to be learnt as a candidate in an interview and with myself being the interviewer, I ask them questions about their life!
This is so much fun and the lessons have now become stories; the red blood cells are complaining grandpas;
the lymphocytes have OCD, the eosinophils blush easy, the neutrophils have multiple personality disorder and ....well, its super fun!

I am grateful for our ears at the side of our heads because we can hear something behind us even if we can't see it which is awesome as far as self protection mechanisms go!

I am grateful for locks and keys because of which there is no need to carry everything to wherever we go( imagine having to carry your house)

and all of it is safe wherever it is , awaiting our return!

I am grateful for the seasons changing all the time because I get to get excited when it is summer and I can do that only because summer goes away and winter, spring, autumn and rain take its place.

I am grateful for different birds and animals making different sounds

because difference and change are always amazing at making adventures even more of an adventure!

I am grateful for scissors because they go snip snip! and trim away all that is not needed!( like annoying bits of my own hair that would somehow find its way into my eyes)

I am grateful for hair dryers blowing hot air out because they melt chocolate easily without burning it and melted chocolate is beauoooooooootiful!

I am grateful for knives because I can cut myself pieces of cake with it!


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