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The Magical Way Out of Negativity

EEEEEE!!! I missed a practice!I missed a practice! ( Takes a deep breath)
Okay. So that was a surprise. I flicked open the book and lo and behold! A practice right within the ones I'd already finished pops up! And this , is not a matter that requires so many exclamatory marks and adjectives. Don't know why I'm being so melodramatic. PMS? Nope, I don't think so.

 Welllllllll, today, I get to find my way out of any negativity in my life and I get to take a road of magic to get out of there! Now that, is what I call a WIN-WIN situation. I not only get rid of my worries but I also get to do it in a happy way? I mean, wow! How do I do it, you ask?

STEP 1: You recognize one negative thing gnawing at the back of your mind or the front or wherever.But choose one that you'd really like to resolve, as fast as possible.
STEP 2: Take a pen and paper.
STEP 3: Write down 10 things you are grateful for about the negative situation.

That is it! Sounds pretty easy, eh? When we say 'thank you' we start looking at the problem in a new light and when we do that, the door out which was invisible in the dark of gloom is suddenly drenched in the light of gratitude.
But I found out that easy as though it seems, it is one thing we rarely do when drowning in worries. Which is why problems keep haunting us long after they happen, long before they happen. Basically, they take the wind out of our 'love for life' filled tires. Isn't it amazing that we never have to be tied to bad times? We never ever have to struggle with our emotional turmoil. Life is beginning to sound incredibly unfairly in our favour if you ask me.
The problem I chose was this: Internet problems with Service providers. We've been recharging this sim card with data plans but they(the data plans) get exhausted before we start using it. This has happened more than a few times. Until today morning I was like: "Bad people! Bad Service! BOOHOO!"
But not any more. Because, I have the power of gratitude up my sleeves, destined to forever serve my joy and happiness!Bwahahaha!!! it goes:
1. I am grateful that these incidents have reminded me of how awesome internet is !
2. I am grateful for being able to donate so much money to people who seem to need so much money from life just to be happy! I am getting to do a good deed by lending a helping hand.

3. I am grateful for getting opportunities to struggle because they act as shadows to the light of freedom and joy, making those moments in life more beautiful if that is even possible!
4. I am grateful for my sister getting all this 'Internet free" time because she is spending them(the time, I mean) with me, singing and fighting( even more than usual) with me.

5. I am grateful for the opportunity to appreciate how abundantly money is available to me( thank you dear parents)because a few hundreds of rupees lost does not mean we are suddenly living in the streets.
6. I am grateful for getting to appreciate the past filled with unlimited WiFi !
7. I am grateful for the internet connection -little though it was- that we did receive out of those data packs because we got plenty of useful work done, in those few minutes than if we had been loaded with connectivity( I probably would have been vegging out on YouTube)

8. I am grateful for all these people who set up towers and satellites and whatever else you need to receive 3G, 4G connections because here I am, receiving so much contact with the entire world right from my doorstep.

9. I am grateful that we have something called the 'internet' that connects the entire world so effortlessly and even though it is actually a very complicated thing to exist, it exists commonly enough for us to even progress to levels of complaining of its malfunction.
10. I am grateful for the opportunity to step back and take a look at the bigger picture and to appreciate the magnificence at work.

Thank you Thank you Thank you for the perfect resolution!

Whew! That was hard but quite fun! And I feel different about the whole situation. More appreciative of the so- called 'problem'. Well, it was not much of a problem to begin with but the truth is, no matter how big a problem is, this exercise reduces it to a lump and transforms into a sculpture of art, to admire and cherish.
The remaining part of the exercise is to make sure that I think and say only positive things the entire day. Which means I have to not say negative things. In the beginning, I found this extremely hard because I'd go around thinking" I should not think negatively' and Voila! That was exactly how I would end up thinking. So I decided to think of things I was grateful for, for the entire day; you know, if I decide to go, why not go deep? That was so much easier because the thing is, we end up doing what we are thinking about and trying to not think negatively meant more of it.
It is so much easier when you are busy in the outside world, to have one thing to hold yourself up against: to have one reference point. So here's to happy thoughts!Cheers!!!

Day 10:
1. I am grateful for roads and streets because we have actual paths to drive through and it is so much more convenient than having houses all over the place. That would mean driving through houses!But this is true genius! Humans are geniuses!
2. I am grateful for laptops because they are small enough to carry around but big enough to prevent eyesores!
3. I am grateful for the awesome super duper dumplings I got to eat for breakfast today and for dinner two days before because they tasted amazing and the dumpling sauce was out of the world! And to top it all off is the fact that I made them! Yay! for me!
4. I am grateful for the walls that separate different rooms in our houses because I can block out my sister's noise from the living room if I take up the bedroom and I can block out all that the toilet stands for!
5. I am grateful for the electric lines and cables that are high up above our heads on the roads because walking is effortless with the cables nicely out of the way!

6. I am grateful for fairy tales because they have happy endings and give me this warm fluffy feeling during The End.

7. I am grateful for sidewalks because we can walk in peace on really busy mad roads without a care in the world.( mostly)
8. I am grateful for all the different types of vinegar out there( fruit, apple cider, white wine, red wine and what not) because they give beautiful flavor to food and make them taste authentic!
9. I am grateful for my having found solace in writing because expression through silent words is meditative in the very least and peaked with passion in the most intense of moments.
10. I am grateful for having had a beautiful moment of understanding with a stray dog that vanquished my fear for these wonderful beings by replacing that memory which was the root cause for the fear in the first place.( We politely made way for the other and after several moments of confusing politeness, the dog trotted past first;changed my life in doing so)


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