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Magical People Who Made A Difference

The difference between just living it all in one's own head
and living in the world outside is the people we meet and interact with.
What is experienced alone becomes a sharing experience which changes the essence of said experience.
If it were not for the people around us, I feel that one emotion and the other would not be much different.
Even though the idea of oneself that every one holds is solely about them, it would not and cannot be what it is were it not for other people.
And while we get to choose what we want to be, the change is effected by other people's actions and interactions with us.
Today's practice requires me to thank any three people who have changed the direction my life took and those who left a huge impression in my life. I got this list of 'people' and I am going to thank..lets see..four of them!
Dear Santa from "The Rise of the Guardians",

                 Thank you so much for changing the direction of my life. I love it where I am right now and it is all because of one thing you said in the movie,
" I have big eyes; Eyes that see the wonder in everything!"
The moment I heard those words, it struck a chord within me. I wanted to be like that with all my heart and now I am like that( annoyingly so according to my family and friends ).

So, Thank You so much for showing me the way to an awesome sauce magical life!

Dear Master Oogway from "Kungfu Panda",

Thank you for your words that has gotten me past fires and potholes in life that eventually lead to paradises that could not have been had it not been for those very fires that had me on my knees.
Yeah, I've heard it , like a hundred times before. But it never meant anything to me, you know? But when I heard it from you, it made me see the sense in all those seemingly 'wrong' places I had been.
Thank you for giving me the gift of hope!
And this quote, amazingly simple yet the reason for all our sufferings!
Thank you for making my life blissful , with as little attachments as possible!

Dear Master Shifu from 'Kungfu Panda",
Thank you your words of wisdom to Po that we all got to listen in on, as well.
"Time is an illusion. There is only the NOW".
Changed my life irreparably is what it did! Nothing else, no other stimulants, people or words brought me into focus, latched on my attention to the present and made me shine and burn brighter than I ever did like your words did! Thank you for giving me the gift of Inner Peace.
Dear Mike Dooley,
Thank you so much for your daily emails and all your lovely books that has me on my feet, living like there is no tomorrow!
You made me braver than I have ever been in all my life!
I am striding forwards with so much confidence and I feel unstoppable!
I am taking risks but there is no undercurrent of fear to any of my actions!
I am doing more instead of just thinking about it! I am a ball of fire is what I am now and it is all because of your ideas and thoughts on life!
You made me realise what it means to be a "Life Adventurer"! Scratch that. You told me that I am a Life Adventurer and that we all are.
You made me excited about everything, death even! I am full of passion and I love life! Thank you so much for being' the Universe ' for  so many of us all over the world!

Day 12:
I am grateful for shops, shops and more shops everywhere selling awesome stuff I don't even realise I need until I see it stocked so beautifully on the shelves!

I am grateful for my dress billowing around me like an umbrella when I twirl because it makes me feel magical!

I am grateful for the smell of baking bread and cake because it is the most heavenly smell that has and will ever exist in time and space for all of eternity and it is just so fulfilling.

I am grateful for Mars Bars because has there been any other miracle that is this perfect blend of sweet, chocolatey gooey toffee awesomeness?

I am grateful for my dad's thoughts, realizations , his retrospective and explorative mind because it is so enriching to get even the smallest dose of his world!

I am grateful for this quote I came across recently that so perfectly put things in perspective for me and liberated me when I most needed it!
I am grateful that I have only one younger sister because things are so easy to handle and it is pretty easy to hide from one sister than say, a dozen!
I am grateful for having found the perfect friend after wishing and hoping all these years because she is so amazingly right for me!

I am grateful for the rush, the fire and the racing heart rate when I dance like there is nothing else in the world for me because I feel like everything makes sense, I am where I should be and it is all perfect during these times!
I am grateful for the loads of sauces and veggies and gelatin and loads more we got on our shopping trip because it means more potential ingredients for my antics in the kitchen!


  1. It was a typical vanmathi's work.i loved it like every other blog of becomes more interesting with the chocolate and food and good has given me soo much of positivity after a long day.THANK YOU my weirdo❤

    1. And thank YOU for encouraging me with your lovely comment!


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