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🌟Make All your Wishes Come True🌟

Dreams , oh so many dreams! Wishes and hopes and excitement over the unknown that would somehow end up giving me my heart's deepest desires!

This encompasses pretty much all of the feelings of childhood for me. I could not wait to grow up so that my dreams could come true.

But as I grew up, I heard a lot of' ' success is not easy", 'you have to work hard to get the fruit' and lots of other despairing stuff.

In this sea of gloom, " The Magic" book's claim to show me how to have it all effortlessly was the lighthouse, the beacon of light I needed.

This practice has me listing all of my dreams, anything and everything I wanted. I was ecstatic about it! I made huge lists , so many times, so silly at times I laugh every time I read it.
I have to then take ten things I want most out of the list and make my " TOP TEN DESIRES LIST" writing things down in the present tense. Then, I have to visualise , actually having it and feeling all that I would feel once I had it all and thank the Universe for giving it to me.

Rhonda urges one to be as specific as possible. I used to think that she meant ' physical' specific; as in, " I want a red coloured teapot with polka dots and an elephant trunk spout in my new craftsman style manor house with a chrome and glass furnished kitchen".

This usually had me writing stuff like,
" Thank you Thank you Thank you for the perfect weight of 58 kg and perfect height of 5 ft 10'. "
I even added my ideal waist hip measurements sometimes!
Which would not have been a problem had I found any emotional connect with it. When I visualized the end result, I had a pretty hard time just getting to the picture. After that, I used to wait and wait for some feeling to strike me, maybe of joy or excitement.

But nothing would come. I would strain a bit with it and wring out a little bit of emotion and try with all my might to be thankful for something I would start to doubt whether I actually wanted.  In fact, it even lead me to believe that the reason why I did not feel any attachment to the end result was because I already had what I needed. But the feelings about the present condition were also crystal clear: not what I wanted. It was like a volleyball game for sometime, going back and forth and even getting off the field completely and seeing stuff under new lights.

The details I could specify were only what my experiences allowed: In other words, I was trapped within a few possibilities when I tried to make my dreams detailed. What would happen if I saw a green teapot? Would I want that instead?

It wasn't until I started receiving daily emails from the Universe that I realised that what I was after was not on the outside. It was an inside job I wanted to get done.
Yes, I wanted stuff related to my perfect body but I was not getting the details right. It was the daily emails from TUT that made me realize that I would probably never get the details right.After all, they are products of our present situation. If I am sad and the wall is painted in red, I'd think that in my happy place, the walls have to be yellow.
Details were, I realised, impossible to pin down. I had confused my dreams with the details, misleading myself into believing that the details WERE my dreams. NOT ANYMORE!!!! My new list makes me feel unbelievably good! The end results do not have a solid image, no specific words, no specific colours. They are open to change. They are free and happy!
The flavor of them all, is unmistakably bliss. Magnificence. Empowerment. Endless joy and content. It is exactly what I wanted. What IS it? I do not know what it is in terms of the physical but it is great and awesome and cool and hip and all the good things I want in my life. This list that is vague in terms of pictures and words feels more specific than anything else I've ever felt.

My top ten desires list!

  1. Thank You Thank You Thank You for a magnificent outcome to me being a published fiction author!

  2. Thank You Thank You Thank You for the perfect outcome to writing for a food and travel magazine!
  3. Thank You Thank You Thank You for the magnificent outcome to playing the guitar and the violin!
  4. Thank You Thank You Thank You for a magnificent outcome to being an international pop star! 
  5. Thank You Thank You Thank You for a magnificent outcome to having a golden retriever puppy!
  6. Thank You Thank You Thank You for the perfect outcome to my University exam results!
  7. Thank You Thank You Thank You for a magnificent outcome to feeling perfect!

  8. Thank You Thank You Thank You for a magnificent outcome to the perfect house for me and my mum!

  9. Thank You Thank You Thank You for the magnificent outcome to abundance and harmony!
  10. Thank You Thank You Thank You for the magnificent outcome to freedom of expression!

Day 13:
I am grateful for the apple bread and banana bread I made  that came out so fluffy and beautiful and both my mom and sis enjoyed it so much!( they were fighting for the last pieces! HEE HEE!)

I am grateful for getting to fool around in the kitchen every day because I love my new inventions and I love the meditative state I go into as I chop, stir and sauté!

I am grateful for white sheets, empty spaces and surfaces that has so much potential for creativity!
I am grateful for the space underneath the four legs of beds and tables because it allows for stashing boxes that you might otherwise hit with your little toe.
I am grateful for the trees and plants swaying back and forth on a breezy day because it looks like they are dancing to music exclusive to their world which just feels surreal!
I am grateful for karaoke because I get to sing my heart out and feel all awesome and high!

I am grateful for the smell of the earth after it starts to rain because it invokes one of the most magical feelings in me, transporting me through all those incredible moments in life!
I am grateful for playgrounds and for me having gotten to mess about so much in these little pockets of wonder all through my childhood because I got to swing myself up ,to the castle in the clouds, slide down vines in the Amazons and pin criminals down on muddy dangerous terrains!
I am grateful for stereos in cars because they make trips to places we want to go to ( which is a pretty great gift as it is) really really fun!
I am grateful for cupboards and closets because I can just stuff everything in and lo and behold! a spick and span room!


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