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Magic Morning!

Mornings are magical, aren't they?

You go to sleep and then BAM!

 A new day! New events!

New! New! New! It is the best self renewal plan ever! A fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to rock out better than ever...Added to it is that though it is renewal, it is a 'new' new.
You get the same day , only it is nothing similar to the days before. All that it holds is completely different. There are never two days exactly alike!
Life is an adventure all right!
And mornings signify the beginning of a brand new something. Every problem, every worry, every instant and thought from the past presents itself in a new light in the morning.
This magical practice, takes the magic in every morning and makes it more potent, extending it into and through the entire day.You begin by recognising the magic that has befallen you. And what better way to recognise the good things in life other than through gratitude?

You go about your daily business up until you are ready, filling up each and every action with gratitude until it is soaking wet with good feelings.
I usually extend the practice as far into the day as I possibly can. And each time I do it, another one of my mind numbing routines become an enthralling experience!
 For instance, this dorm I stay at only has cold water gushing out of the taps. Cold mornings and cold water? Brrrrrrr....Taking baths became a waking nightmare literally.

When I started this practice , I realised that the cold water wasn't making me cringe; it was my dread that made the experience awful. So I first started out saying 'Thank you' for the fresh water. It was then that it struck me: Cold water was like a cold breeze.

It awoke every fibre of my being and made me tingle with excitement all over. Which meant that  the routine I had been forced into was actually ensuring excitement and joy in my day by awakening me from deep within, making me alert to the wonder of the day!

                                                YAY FOR COLD WATER!

Rhonda Byrne says that when you saturate your mornings with gratitude, your day ahead will be filled with magic and every thing seems to go your way. I always feel that when I finish this practice, I am so so full of joy and love that I don't much care how things go in my day. Everything becomes a cause for joy! I go a bit crazy which is always the best way to have fun!
Day 12:
I am grateful for this amazing view from new room in my hostel because I feel like I live in a tree house in a lush forest!
I am grateful for the abundance of space inside my room because I can whirl, twirl and loose my head, dancing without any furniture to interrupt me!
I am grateful for the two weeks of holidays that are upon me because I feel so excited about it!
I am grateful for the smell of fresh morning air that fills me with the deepest sense of contentment and bliss!
I am grateful for the overload of musicians, singers and songs because there can never be too much music!
I am grateful for being able to alternate between pants and skirts because skirts mean great ventilation
and pants mean freedom to move about any way I like!

I am grateful for my short hair because all it needs is a  shake and swipe and I am good!

I am grateful for cotton clothes because they are so freakin' comfortable with their softness and feel blissful during warm days!
I am grateful for us having both long term and short term memory because long term means we get to remember the happy moments forever and short term means we can forget our troubles in an instant!

I am grateful for windows because when they are shut, Yay for privacy!
And when they are wide open, Yay for awesome scintillating wind!


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