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Magical Relationships

Day 3!!! Woahhh.....Vanmathi is feeling buoyant today! I guess its the magic keeping me in high spirits. And I haven't even got to today's practices yet! Here we go...
Day 3:
Gratitude List:
1.I am grateful for the complete lack of mirrors in this house because I can pretend that I look like Gigi Hadid one day and Deepika Padukone, the next day and there is absolutely nothing present to contradict me!
2.I am so so grateful that I have to live in a hostel because it is a party, every time I come home and my sis treats me like a person rather than a fluffy cushion she can sit on.

3.Thank you so much, dear people who travel and take pictures of food ,culture and art and print it in magazines because it is a real treat to eyes like mine that only got to see cadavers in various states of damage.
4.I am grateful for the new pen stand idea that saves me space and also looks quite cool.
5.I am grateful for the clock that is not working because it means I have all the time in the world!

6.I am grateful for it being impossible to scrape clean a bowl carrying cake batter,cookie dough.etc with a spoon/ spatula which means I get a bowl to lick every time something is baking!!!
7. I am grateful for online shopping being possible because I get to buy so many things right from home, have so many variety to choose from , be it dresses, books or cereal( unbelievable varieties out there!!!) and  I can return/cancel/replace anytime I want! Go AMAZON!!!
8.I am truly grateful for the super loud religious proceedings that take place near my house making use of dozens of sound systems blaring at full volume because I get to sing, scream and shout as loud as I want and no one can sue me for disturbing peace in the community!!!

9.I am grateful for fresh produce all over the world, fresh fruits and crisp veggies, nuts galore and berries aplenty, fresh cream and whatnot that fill me with a deep sense of peace and satisfaction, just thinking about it all!

10.I am grateful for tissues and toilet paper which promote dry hands and uh...other dry body parts.
YAY! DONE!!! That was fun! I live under the sun...and that, is gratitude making me loony. I mean, more than usual.
 Which is why everyone should practice gratitude. It makes the best of one's traits shine brighter than ever.
Anyways, today's practice is Magical Relationships. I have to thank three people in my life for how awesome they are. I find five things to be grateful for about them. Isn't that cool? When else will I possibly think about thanking my sister? Not killing her is the best I manage to accomplish.

So, I decided to thank my mom, dad and sister because I live with them and they do endure a lot,what with coping with my unpredictable bouts of craziness.
First up on my list is my MOM!

1. Thank you mom for all your support in whatever I do, no matter how stupid and hare -brained. You let me be my own person and I found myself along the road.
2.Thank you mom for staying with me whenever I fell sick and for nursing me back to health because I talk a lot of gibbersh when I am sick and you stuck through all that, never wavering from your stand!
3.Thank you mom for your enthusiasm for life that has enough power to light up the room!
4.Thank you mom for playing tag with me that one time because I laughed so much and it was so much fun!
5.Thank you mom for giving me my love for books because I get to travel to miraculous and breathtaking worlds and dimensions that make me all warm and cosy!
Next up, is my DAD!

1.Thank you daddy for giving me pointers on singing and voice because that put me on the road from 'screeching owl who thinks she sounds great' to 'actual singer who actually sounds great'.
2.Thank you daddy for being do fiery and brave and strong because it inspires me to grow to magnificent heights!
3.Thank you daddy for having supported me monetarily all my life because I literally could not have grown this tall without the food,water and all necessary things in life you sourced.
4.Thank you daddy for giving me my love for learning because of which I am THE NERD of the family!
5.Thank you  daddy for buying us that table tennis table because it gave me a solid excuse to hit my sister square on the nose!!! Thank you so much!!!

And now for the lady herself, my darling SIS!
1.Thank you dear sis, for your wierd interpretative dances that crack me up!

2.Thank you dear sis, for teaching me awesome dirty mnemonics that helped me a lot during  my higher secondary board exams!!!
3.Thank you dear sis for not having bitten me for so many years now because I quite like my smooth undented skin!
4.Thank you dear sis, for bringing up and implementing the " No Pain" policy. ( We don't get physical when it comes to fights. It hurts for the both of us and results in a LOSE -LOSE situation. She came up with that. I was happy to comply)
5.Thank you dear sis, for loving all things spicy which means I get more than my fair share of all things sweet!

Wowwww! I have done this practice so many times and each time, I think without fail," FIVE THINGS I am grateful about my sister? Now THAT is a tough one". But here I am, yet again, at the end of a completed list , proving to me that gratitude is possible anytime, anywhere!
Now , all I have to do is remember to thank them 3 times today. I am going to try ten times as a challenge!


  1. That's a nice idea for a pen holder XD I totally agree with the online shopping thing :P It's really awesome how you see negative things in such a positive light. Keep it up ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    1. Thank you so much for all your encouraging comments! It is a huge part of what keeps me going!

  2. That's really awesome vanu! I'm soo happy to read What you've been telling me all these years๐Ÿ˜‚.and oh,I should tell you, your humour sense is getting better . THANK YOU for making me read this and making me feeel better now!

    1. Thank you!!! So glad that it made you feel good! I cannot hope to achieve anything greater than that!

  3. That's really awesome vanu! I'm soo happy to read What you've been telling me all these years๐Ÿ˜‚.and oh,I should tell you, your humour sense is getting better . THANK YOU for making me read this and making me feeel better now!

  4. Essence of life in one blog! Really innovative vanu... Happy to read my kid's blog!

    1. Thank you so much! I don't know if I brought the entire essence of life into one blog, but if it makes you (and anyone who reads it) smile,then that means more to me than anything!


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