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Magical Health!

I AM FEELING AWESOME! Today's practice was that great! I got to think about so many parts of my body that help me rock the living daylights out of every moment. I cannot believe why we are not doing this more often. Saying thank you, I mean. For instance, my mom was really really tired all day yesterday. I felt so sorry for her because she was draping herself across any plain surface she could find.
She kicked tiredness in the derriere today and did a gratitude practice. And so, I woke up to a face filled with glee. She has been like a caffeinated chipmunk all day; it's tiring just to watch her bounce around.

I did some gratitude too and though I don't feel like it brought out my inner chipmunk, I am definitely feeling calmer, peaceful and beautiful. One of the organs I thanked was my brain; After all, it is my brain that is perceiving and experiencing and making me think and feel the way I think and feel about life. Which reminded me of this quote I recently received through email.

I feel like it is a magnificent way to drive home that there is no ‘out there’ and ‘in here’. All that is happening is what is happening inside…..
I also have to write down the words,
on a sheet or card and read it four different times during the day and remind me of the magic at work. It is amazing that all that was perceived to be magic centuries ago has come to pass now as daily routine stuff you encounter in life.

 Take the mobile phone for instance-Pure magic to a person from the 15th century;Spaceships and aeroplanes and bikes and cars all whizzing away at dizzying speeds; Magic, magic and more magic. Sure , you can call it "SCIENCE" and " TECHNOLOGY" but they are just words, an excuse to hide behind, refusing to see the wonder that is upon us. Magic does not have to be a miracle you don't understand. And once you do understand it, the magic in it does not disappear. It makes way for more magic: the magic of understanding, the magic of discovery and the magic of excitement and anticipation of more magic. Life , it seems is magical in the simplest of moments.
Day 4:
1.I am grateful for payasam, that glorious aromatic wonder filled sweet and savory goop that warms me from head to toe, infusing it's magnificence into the very depth of my bones !

2.I am grateful for having seen "THE LION KING" when I was little because it taught me to say " 'HAKUNA MATATA', It means 'NO WORRIES'",  in all the tight spots I've been, making me crack up and have fun once again!
3.I am grateful for eyelids because I can shut my eyes tight when there is a wind whipping up sand, when my mom glares at me, when there's a ghost in front of me( on screen, I mean) and when I want to go to dreamland, in a galaxy far far away.....

4.I am grateful for rain not just for being the major source for drinking water, but also for helping me start over, by taking it as a cue for a new start, wherever I might be along the road, especially at times when I am lost and can’t find my starting point.
5.I am grateful for all things in the physical world that serve as gateways for journeys into oneself.
6.I am grateful for cameras that capture moments in our life, even if only a minute fraction of it’s true essence which nonetheless serve as potent triggers , for that is all the mind needs for it to drown in the emotions that the moments made way for.
7.I am grateful for all the artists in this world, painters, musicians, dancers and writers who romanticize life and all that it encompasses, ranging from physical beauty to the delicate nuances of emotions that fire up our passions and let us embark upon journeys, that would have otherwise not have been visible and possible.

8.I am grateful for ice melting to water and for water being liquid because liquid water is perfect for quenching thirst. Imagine if ice was all there was to quench thirsts and we had to crunch on it!

9.I am grateful for lip balm because it feels heavenly on chapped lips!
10.I am grateful for all the games and playtime that was part of my childhood because it has taught me how to have fun with life and the myriad of experiences it throws my way!


  1. This is one of the best 😋 so far I read

  2. So true with the childhood games and I remember how boss we'd feel when all the kids would cheer when you go up the slide from the front like it was the biggest accomplishment ever. XD Good times. And I think Hakuna Matata is the best philosophy to follow to stay happy isn't it? The writing style seems to get better with each blog. Good work. :P

    1. Thank you! I don't know if its getting better but I sure am enjoying it a lot more than when I first started out!😀😀😊


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