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🌞Magic and Miracles in Health🌞

If there is one thing in life , more important than anything, it is HEALTH. Literally.
 Take health out of the equation and we are nothing. The blocks will fall over because the base said ' Goodbye!', upped and left.

Sure, a heart break is bad. But we come back. We survive. Money gone? If the condition continues, maybe we might starve and die. But otherwise, the condition itself is not fatal. Health , however is nothing like anything else. Stop the flow of health into your body, BOOM ! You dead.

I don't mean to sound pessimistic , but health IS that important. And when I saw that gratitude can bring back health in all its burning glory, I was jumping out of my seat, exclaiming, " I LOVE LIFE!!!"

 I've had my share of sick days, ( more than my share even) and this practice, glorious as it is,  has blown me into this paradise of health!
I know what your'e thinking; SHUT UP GAL, and tell what the practice is already!

Well,     TA DA!

To change that aspect of health which you feel is less than perfect, you first go into your past:

You think through your childhood and all those moments when you felt like you were so full of health, you'd almost burst! ( Messy metaphor but a good one in my opinion)

Select three moments , the best ones and give thanks to each one of them with all your heart. Personally, I love this part of the practice. Each time , I end up choosing this one memory , back when I was in the 7th grade and I used to go to tennis classes in the summer.
The fresh smell of the early morning air, the dew and the misty mornings, running around the grounds feeling my body sing with power and getting high on the rush!

If that wasn't the best health I'd ever had, then I'd stick my ass in an oven.
Okaaay, don't know what my ass has to do with this, but it WAS an amazing exquisite feeling that came with those days.
Another memory I end up choosing is when I used to train for track and field events in tenth grade.

It usually started early in the mornings and I used to wake up excited for the new day and grateful that I was alive! This was before I knew how awesome gratitude was ; so, the fact that I was feeling so happy at random is a miracle to me.

Hmmm... All my "PERFECT HEALTH" moments seem to be morning stuff, don't they? No worries; the last one is a recent memory ;
I've recently taken to dancing as my only form of exercise and I really love it! Especially because, I go all out as there is no one but me in the room. I flick the lights off every evening and go crazy in the dark!

Let me tell you something... out of all those hours of speculations about life and what it meant and those motivational and spiritual books, I felt like I really got what life is really about in those moments of zero words and thoughts, a wildly beating heart and a truckload of passion.

Second part of the practice has you caving in on the present and thanking five parts of your body which you feel is doing a darn great job at what it is supposed to be doing. You can thank your heart, your liver( your powerhouse!) ,
your small intestine( awesome energy extractor!) ,
your brain( your personal , state of the art , in- body computer! )
                                                                                  or your limbs;

your spleen, your ribs, your lungs, your tongue( food is LIFE!) ,

your nose( Ah.. the smell of baking....mmmm),

                                                                           your ears( music baby!).....

Third part is the one in which we get to perform magic!

We choose that aspect of health we want to change or get more of. We visualize actually having received it and we feel overwhelmingly grateful. That's it! This practice has left me awestruck in many instances; One time was when I wanted a flexible and agile body. I am not bad at bending and twisting at stuff, but some things like touching my toes with my fingers was hard.

I used to blame it on my longer than average legs but it sounded fake to my own ears. After this practice , a bit of time passed during which I promptly forgot about the whole thing. One day, my mom was doing yoga and I joined in too.
I bent down to touch my toes during a surya namaskar and I very calmly folded my body until my head was touching my knees.

I progressed to finish the practice. And then, I realized what I'd done! EEEEEEEE!!!!

I was shocked! Ecstatic! Shocked again.... and so it went for a a few weeks. This practice works. Totally. If you want to help yourself heal in some way, I'd say, go for it!

Day 16:
I am grateful for the  blood that flows through my body , every drop of it full of so much health, power, energy and life!

I am grateful for that time when my mom got herself an ice cream flavour she did not like because I got to enjoy two ice creams at the same time and what a surprise it was too!

I am grateful for coconut oil because I can use it to bake and cook when there’s no butter!

I am grateful for those long car rides down lonely roads with lush trees on either side and the wind in my face that makes me wonder if this is what the heights of perfection feels like.

I am grateful for towels because they rub me dry after a bath, wipe my sweat after dancing and make me feel so good, wrapping around me with warmth!

I am grateful to Taylor Swift for her upcoming album release because I love her songs which is full of her craziness which in turn, is perfect for unwinding!

I am grateful to my heart because it has beat relentlessly all these years and continues to beat, each beat more potent than the last as if to encompass every moment that adds to me.

I am grateful for amazing cousins who make my summers and all those holidays we get together so full of joy , laughter and fun!

I am grateful for dust pans because they make cleaning so easy, they collect all the dirt so efficiently and are amazingly compliant company on cleaning days!

I am grateful for light bulbs because they light up my world!`


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