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Mission Revenge

- Anonymous

"I got the moves like Jagger, I got the moves like Jagger, I got the mooooves like Jagger." I jumped on the hotel bed holding two socks rolled into one in front of my mouth as a mike, as I sang and danced along to the song on TV.

"Sarah! If you don't shut up, I am not taking you out. I will lock you in this hotel room and desert you here." Rayn shouted from the toilet. Poor guy probably has a case of diarrhea. I warned him against eating those chillies. Girls do not find a man choking on his spit and chilly bile attractive. But he wouldn't listen would he?

I took in a deep breath and screamed, "RAAAAAYN! CAN! YOU! HEAR! ME!" Trying my best to scream and imitate Dory's whale speak from Nemo at the same time. There was silence for a couple of seconds.


I had a feeling he regretted ever inviting me to accompany him. His dad had given him two plane tickets to France, seeing as he'd worked his ass off during his senior year. Dude was loaded. But I'm pretty sure the poor man got a heart attack when Rayn chose me to go with him instead of his spoiled ass brat of a sister.

It's pretty obvious who Rayn would've picked anyway, I mean the differences between me and his sister are as fat as the pacific ocean. No offence. To the ocean.

Who would he have picked? April, the spoiled ass brat younger sister, who would constantly try wrecking his hard earned vacation by taking advantage of poor him, or me? The slightly annoying, extremely sweet, totally awesome, best girlfriend you can find, and once again, totally awesome human being? See the differences? I'm the obvious choice.

Cuz I'm awesome I'm awesome I'm awesome I'm aweso-

"Sarah. If you don't stop talking to yourself, I will be forced to admit you into the nearest mental institution around and leave you there. And you're not awesome. I am." He walked in buttoning up his pants. I stared at the Greek god in front of me in awe. He was the hottest guy in countries around, with his toned muscles, tanned skin, beautiful blue eyes and messy brown hair. Drool worthy.

I checked my cheeks to see if any drool had slipped out.

Yup. Just a little.

He smirked as he watched me wipe my hand across my mouth. "Drooling again?" I nodded my head vigorously. "The thought of watching you swallow dead lizards like a baby bird with worms, while dressed like a turkey is the biggest turn on ever."

He grunted and walked to the TV, switching it off. I groaned in frustration. "Adam Levine songs donkey face! What possessed you to switch it off!"

He huffed and playfully put a hand over his heart looking hurt. "I'm as green as the underside of a raw pumpkin." I stared at him. "Out of all the things you could have chosen, you went with pumpkin." He grinned and ruffled my hair. "I knew you'd catch on fast!" I kicked him away, landing a few good kicks and catapulted myself backwards into the bed.

"I got a hangover! Woah! I've been drinking too much for sure!" I screeched falling back into the bed with my hands holding my head tight.

"No problem. You can nurse your hangover while I go hook up with the nearest sexy guide I find, have a night out with her, oh and try visiting a couple touristy places while I'm at it." He said nonchalantly, making me jump off the bed, attach myself like a leech to his back, my legs wound around his waist, and scream in his ear. The cry of a warrior!

"Shit!" He kept cursing as he wobbled sideways, tripped on the carpet, and landed with a thud on the ground, me stuck under him. I felt the breath whoosh out of me as he landed on top of me. I'd held my head up so obviously I didn't die like Emma Stone did in Amazing Spiderman 2. Now that was one sad scene.

Rayn had managed to hold most of his weight on his forearms but he was technically still lying on top of me. I blushed and pushed him off.

"Why didn't you do that...thing?" I asked in frustration, still blushing and pulling at my hair like a maniac. He looked confused. "You know, that thing where the boy swerves so that he falls instead of the girl? You just slammed into me, you fat cow headed, gigantic cockroach testicle eating freak!"

He looked at me proudly and lifted up a finger. "Firstly, congratulations on your choice of swear words. You're improving from gorilla feet and pole dancer. And secondly, those are movies you see that in. Books. Fiction. Real life? I love my body! I can't have it dented. That would hurt."

I smiled sweetly at him. "Of course your body is always your first priority honey. Let's go on that tour now, shall we?" He looked at me suspiciously. Then nodded and walked to his suitcase to grab his designer jacket. Of course almost everything he owned was designer wear. I mean, he was Rayn Lodge. His dad wouldn't get him anything that wasn't designer.

We walked down into the reception area and I grinned evilly to myself, rubbing my hands together in anticipation of what was to happen. Precious body? I'll show him to prioritize his Greek god-like body over me.

"Dare, its bad to point at manic human beings who might chop off your finger and eat it." A lady told her son, who looked up at her in fear, then at me. I smiled and wiggled my fingers at him. "Aaaaaah!" He screamed and ran like the bloody hounds of hell were on his ass.

The mom looked apologetically over at me. I smiled at her and pulled a beast face. She laughed and waved as she walked in the direction her son had run off to.

I turned to see Rayn staring at me like I was the first exotic alien creature he'd ever encountered. And trust me. He's encountered quite a number of aliens. His best friend, Samuel, is definitely one. The way he cracks his neck as often as possible and the two bumps on his head that, I swear are baby devil horns, still in its growth stage? No way is he human.

Rayn hasn't stopped trying to convince me that those are scars but since when do scars bulge?

"You are the weirdest person I have ever met and frankly, I am shocked that you are my girlfriend."

I made smoochy faces at him. "I'm your girlfriend because you soooo totally love me." I said, winking at him and walking off. I heard him mutter something that sounded like 'If horny a poo' which made no sense whatsoever so I just kept walking.


"Faster horsie faster!" I yelled at Rayn as I held onto his neck with one hand, the other holding a hot dog, and my legs wrapped around his waist. He grunted every time I dug the heels of my feet into his stomach trying to get him to giddy up.

He pushed me up when I'd slid down a bit, his arms firmly supporting my ass. "Remind me again why I'm giving you a piggy back ride in the first place?" He huffed out.

I did my best to balance the hot dog so that nothing dripped onto his pretty hair and wound my other arm tighter around his neck making him choke. "I'm Rayn's totally awesome girlfriend." I shouted out causing almost everyone within a five metre radius to stare at us.

The girls who noticed him, immediately swooned and waved flirtily at him even though his face was turning tomato red and I was attached to his back like a freaking baby monkey. Yes he was hot as fucking hell and he was The Rayn Lodge. The most well known model around. And all mine. I sound as cheesy as that rotten greenish yellow goop the old lady living next door eats. I swear she's exotic cheese stealer from the day she was born, got too lazy to do it when she grew old and just ate all that cheese she'd saved throughout her lifetime, now. But obviously no one ever believes me when I tell them.

Such meanies I tell you.

I bent forward and held the hot dog in front of his face making him stop. "You want some?" I wiggled it, the sausage immediately taking the chance to try suiciding. I swear that stupid sausage has psychological problems. It hasn't stopped trying to suicide since I bought it.

He leaned forward and took a huge bite out of it. Like literally half my hot dog. I bent a little, then bit him on his shoulder as hard as I could.

He yelped and dropped me. I landed on my feet and took two steps away from him when he turned towards me, his face twisted with a mixture of annoyance and pain, his hand rubbing the spot I bit him. "You ate half my hot dog!" I exclaimed at him. "I was fucking giving you a piggy back ride! And that's how you repay me? By biting my shoulder like an animal?!"

"Hey..." I frowned at him. "Don't insult the animals. They're cute." He growled at me. "Wait till I get my hands on you." He started advancing towards me looking like he could kill. I kept walking backwards and wrapped my hot dog with the paper it had come with, stuffed it in my bag because it's a hot dog and they should not be wasted, turned, and ran.

I knew where I had to be running. It was the place for my revenge on him. And don't expect something extravagant because my brain is a very simple thing.

I ran into the chocolate shop we'd passed by earlier and hid behind the counter. "Hey!" The girl standing standing next to me said. She looked to be about my age and wore the uniform for the shop, white with chocolate splashes all over.

"Please hide me. My stupid boyfriend thinks his body is more important to him than I am and I want to pay him back, so..." I explained my plan to her. She grinned at me. "No problem. But you have to pay for it." I nodded. Obviously I'd have to pay for it.

The bell above the door jingled and someone hurried into the shop. "Damn girl. That your boyfriend?" I peeked and saw Rayn looking frantically around. "Yup." I grinned.

I scooted to hide behind the huge chocolate fountain when he walked up to the girl. "Have you seen a girl enter here?" She stared at him. "I've seen a lot of girls enter here. Which one you talking about?" He grunted. I stifled a laugh at that. He sounded like a constipated bear.

"Brown hair, brown eyes, blue off the shoulder top, black jeans, medium height, and annoying as fuck." She pretended to think a little as I dipped my hands into the chocolate fountain, took as much as I could and walked over to him. She looked over his shoulder, saw me and grinned. "Oh, there she is!"

Rayn turned around only to have chocolate smeared all over his hair, face and torso, his designer shirt going to waste.

He wiped the chocolate from his eyes and stared at me. "What the hell, Sarah!" I leaned forward and licked his cheek, tasting the heavenly chocolate.

"Now who do you prefer? Body? Or me?" I said. He shuddered and held my waist tight with his non chocolatied hands, when I kissed his chocolaty lips. I was kissing him because of the chocolate. No other reason. I kept kissing him, while taking out money from my back pocket and blindly handing it to the girl. "Oh no, you don't. I just got some free entertainment and a famous guy walk into my shop. My life is complete."

That broke Rayn out of his trance and he glared at me. I giggled, stuffed the change in my pocket and sprinted out the door, shouting a hurried thank you to her and ran towards the hotel, with a pissed, chocolaty Rayn, hot on my heels.

Mission revenge successfully completed.


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