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Magic Mirror

Change the person in the mirror and your world will change.

The world is the reflection of our insides. And I do not mean our intestines and whatnot because that would be kind of gross. No, I mean our minds. The external is a result of what is going on in the inside and this has so many facets to it.

A lot of my friends and a few of my family received this piece of insight with quite a lot of apprehension. But it is the truth nonetheless.

How we think determines how we see the world. How we feel determines what we notice. Our ideas and beliefs shape our life as we take actions in line with these beliefs.

So to change the outside world is effortless, for it requires a slight tweaking onthe inside. The best way to do anything, be it creste or bring change, undo or redo, is to get to the core. And the core of life is our self and who we are as a person. The core of everything is how we look at ourselves and how we treat ourselves.

Which means, giving to ourselves what we most want in life is the only way to get what we most want in life. Confusing, eh?

Look at it this way. When you want love in your life, it is because you feel as if it were missing in your life. Is that not why we want anything? We want to fill that empty space we feel.

 But that empty space was created in the first place by ourselves. What we did not give to ourselves manifested as that empty space. While it is not wrong to fill up your life with all that you think will bring in the love, and wishing for more, you will never ever fill that space unless you get to the core.

And that is really really easy! Using gratitude, the highest form of love one can express , is the key to abundance in life!

Get to the nearest mirror or any reflective surface and really look at yourself. Look at all that you are and become aware of your presence and your amazing innate goodness.( it is there in every single one of us) Say 'Thank You' with all your heart for who you are and for everything that you represent.

Thank yourself with the maximum amount of gratitude you can summon, which should be more than all the feelings of gratitude you have felt for other things. And if you donot feel that level of gratitude, take this opportunity to show yourself the importance of your presence for you to experience life. If you were not there, none of life would matter. But you are present and you feel all these beautiful emotions and experience all these amazing things in life and so you matter more than anything else. Recognize and realize what you mean to yourself in life.

Think of three things you most love about yourself and say thank you for that. Keep doing this each time you see yourself in the mirror for the entire day!

Day 27:

I am grateful for our society setting and governments and community living because help is abundant and effortlessly available at all times!

I am grateful for reconcilations with my sister that remind me of how lucky I am to have her in my life!

I am grateful for a mom who is the epitome of all things fun and crazy because she makes life a whole lot interesting for me just by being herself!

I am grateful for each waking moment being full of the realisation and awareness that I am in fact, living the life of my dreams!

I am grateful for areas away from the coast because they are able to help the coast people during floods, providing relief and life.

I am grateful for mornings everyday, that dawn so beautifully and prep you for the potential amazing things that the day could hold!

I am grateful for gasoline because it lets us cook and heat stuff even when there is no electricity.

I am grateful for sad songs and sad story books that celebrate even sorrow, showing that anything can be celebrated in life!

I am grateful for toast, so fulfilling and aromatic, perfectly crispy and soft and life giving!

I am grateful for handy nail cutters that clip my nails down to perfection, driving my hands into safety zone.



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