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Holiday Buzz?

I love festive seasons! There are lights and laughter everywhere; every moment is full of joy and life is inescapeably and undeniably bright all the time.

Funny thing though, the reason why a particular day became idealised and praised originally lost its significance a long long time ago. Sure, it was the miracle come true, death turned to life so so cool situation back when it first happened( the event being glorified I mean). But in the present, it is hardly significant in changing our lives; the commercials announcing Season discounts have more of a part to play than the event itself does.

 Much like our birthdays. Hardly do we celebrate these days remembering the significance it has on our presence in the present.

It is, I feel, a reason, an excuse to celebrate life as is our deepest wish in all that we be and do. Because the very thought of stopping these celebrations saying,' WTH! How does it matter?', is like a stake through the heart.

 We cannot. Stop , I mean. Because it would make the entire year bleary. No Christmas? What have I got to look forward to in December then? No New Year?

 No reason to celebrate anything is the dreariest thing ever.

This is bloody perfect if you ask me. Now that it is really really clear why we feel so dependent on these special days to get through the other not so special days, we can get down to getting what we really want out of life;

Celebrating every single day of our life and realizing the magic of today.Isn't that the part we actually look forward to in every one of these special days?


If we truly have the best day every day, would we feel down, the way we do when we reslise that the party is over and there is not another one in the near future? Would we feel that joy is restricted to specific days ? Would fun and happiness, complete exhilaration and freedom feel like rare emotions?

This , by no means, takes away your right to feel fantastic on your birthday, to feel out of the world excited on New Year's Eve, to feel safe , happy and content on Christmas Day. Rather, these days can be reference points. They can serve to tell how awesome things can be if you choose them to be.

It was my dad who set me off on this point. He makes no fuss on our birthdays, on his birthdays; so much so that he forgets many a times, about the event itself. On Diwali, the festival of lights, when everyone rises with the sun, bathes and prays, he wakes up past 10, goes to the kitchen and eats straight out of the box.

I find this behaviour slightly extreme on the other side of the spectrum. I actually love the small rituals, the knicks and knacks, the hot and sweet and the trademark spice of the day.

I love the fuss which is what made me label several days of the year as a special day! Here's how it goes: October the 23rd is COMPLIMENTS DAY for me! I go around showering compliments to every body I meet.

I also have a Reminiscence Day when I take cues from the world around me to spiral down Sweet Memory Lane.

On Angels Day, I bestow upon everyone I meet, a title worthy of their best qualities! There goes the Angel of Laughter even in the Ickiest Spots; Hello Angel of Support! How you doin', Angel of All Things Beautiful?

It's completely crazy and so , it is mad FUN!

The thing is, we are so focussed upon the things and events going wrong that despair becomes our most prominent emotion. And when given the excuse, the mildest hint of it to let go and celebrate( as it happens during festive season), we grab on to the chance, sailing off into glory and sunshine! Realising that, conscious and deliberate nudges given in the direction we yearn so much for, is life changing literally!

And interspersed within my very own special days are the days of known speciality. It is like a calm before the and after the creative storm. I rest and wallow in the established excitement before setting on the next adventure of creativity, ingenuity and unexpected blows and winds.

Now, its time for my rest stop what with Christmas around the corner and with New Year a bit further around.

Gifts! Holly! Magic in the Air!

Bells and Carols! Songs and Laughter!

The opportunity to give and receive! To appeciate and give Thanks; and to welcome a brand new year full of the unknown and unexpected, much equipped to take us on the best journey so far!

Merry Christmas! HAPPY Hannukah! Happy New Year!!!

My Gratitude List:

  I am grateful for the magnificent Christmas lunch that mom and I made which was so satisying and beautiful and exciting a process!


I am grateful for a a family whom I love beyond the wildest stretches of this Universe to spend this beautiful holiday season with!

I am grateful for being able to give to and help so many people because the joy of giving is the most beautiful feeling in this entire world!

I am grateful for shallots because they are truly magical healers!

I am grateful for Corn flakes and Muesli and the entire breakfast cereal family for ligting my mornings up with their accompanients, the Hottie Milk and them amazing Nuts n' Berries!

I am grateful for the camping hot water bag I just ordered because it means beautiful cosy hot water to wake up to , every chilly morning!

I am grateful for potpourri because it looks so festive and beautiful and smells so good!

I am grateful for the people who help us at the checkout counters with the bags and the packing and the checking and the people who help us carry the heavy bags to our car trunks or wherever because their generosity is awe- inspiring!

I am grateful for Grey's Anatomy because it gets me excited about the profession I am training to be in and also, it awakens worlds within me!

I am grateful for a dad who has always been the reason for me to become better than I was yesterday!

I am grateful for dreams so bold and brash that render inhibitions and limitations meaningless just by existing!

I am grateful for belts because they hold my pants up while I can enjoy the world around me freely!




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