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Ventures into Love: Day 2

Themes are everything! They are super romantic and exciting!

Today, I got to select a theme; the theme for all the transformations that will sweep into my life from here on.

A theme is perfect because it is like a pole in the storm. It is a fixed thought you can get back to every single time you feel lost.

At least, that is how I see it. It is also an amazing way to change the currents of your day, no matter what the situation is!
You just have remember the theme of your life…
Cue the drum rolls!

You feel hyped up, excited and free immediately!

Now, what do I mean by ‘theme' here, you ask?
It is choosing a broad general symbolic representation or word or both, to encompass all that you are excited about for your future.
Like this: If you want to bring about change in say, relationships, your theme could be – Effortless Love.

Or if your area of focus is wealth, you could keep changing the words 'Money loves me!”

For Creativity, you can be all “Eyes of an Artist”.

Career? How about “Awesome Adventures”?

Is Adventure your area of focus? How about “Delicious food and Exotic Experiences”?

It’s a bit like giving a title to the movie of your life; it doesn’t mean that this is what your life will ever be about.

That could not be farther from the truth. After all, this is completely general! You are giving ample room for the Universe to work it’s magic for you! All this theme is going to do is bring in a sense of excitement about the next phase of your life that you will be actively creating, in the most effortless way possible!

It can be a mantra, it can be a picture or it can be a phrase.

You can have one theme for each area of transformation or one for it all.
It’s a super fun thing to do!

I went full on, guns blazing with this project because I love colours and patterns and bright awesomeness…thingy…uhhh..

After all, isn’t that what a theme really is? It’s like choosing a colour for your room! Only better.. ooohhhh.…sooo much better..
This is what I chose:
Fun Free Happy Spiritual International Traveller Popstar Millionaire

My overall theme for life:
“ I believe I can flyyyyyyyyy!!!”

Go on and create your own themes! I cannot tell you how fun this can get!


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