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Ventures into Love: Day 5

Yesterday’s vision board is the prop to be used today: to help you in transporting yourself into that picture of the life of your dreams!

Of course, the vision board holds only an idea of how awesome your transformations are going to be. But they are still plenty enough to get your heart pumping! When done right, creative visualisation can be exhilarating!

Creative visualisation, today’s activity, is about imagining the details of your transformations in your head and really getting into that picture.
The best thing about this activity, which makes it all the more fun, is that you don’t have to get the details exactly right or anything. Again, you are not writing down an illustrated animated shopping list for the Universe. So, just chill and let your inner kid have a good ol' riot with the pictures you paint.

This is not daydreaming. You even get to time yourself to make sure that you don’t visualise more than 5 – 10 minutes in a day.
You get in there, to the end result ( very important, this. You are not to try and use this activity, to work out how your transformations will abound. So not what this activity is about), and let yourself experience everything in that picture.
Visualise the colours and the sounds, taste the cool awesome drink the waiter brings you, smile giddily and say 'thank you’. Feel the wind in your hair, your hands on the strong bark of the trees around you.
Feel everything and let go of yourself, into that scene. Holler out in happiness, laugh and smile and do everything you feel like doing! It’s all about having fun, after that particular area of your life has transformed in extraordinary ways!
I already talked about how in the past,  it was tough for me, to visualise … And while I gave making vision board a try several times in the past few months, I steered clear of visualisation.

 Too much anguish came with the memories of my struggling with it.
But the word 'creative' and 'imagination' was what pulled me back in for one final try. No harm done in trying, eh?
I took deep breaths and stretched my neck and sat down to it. Timer? Check. Picture aids? Check. Journal for reference? Check. Cue the gulp and dramatic hyperventilation.

 You have no idea how bad I used to feel when I used to struggle with this activity in the past. I think that my hesitation is well justified.

Anyways, I decided that I couldn’t do it worse than before and hey, thoughts become things, right? So I said to myself, “ I am a pro at creativity! I am a pro at imagination!” and I let it go, imagining my worries float away like a prayer into the unseen.

Thoughts started popping in my head: this is crazy, all this worrying and dramatic monologues! My visualisation is not going to bring me my dreams! If I want to get this done right so that my dream life can materialize, it is the same as not realising that life is easy and struggling in the physical to make a living. I can have fun with this one! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

I like to think of those thoughts as a conversation with my Higher Self, but whatever. It sure did help because my visualisation ended up being super fun!

I did a one minute shot of each one of my priority areas and boy, was it cool!
For Prosperity and Abundance, I imagined waking up in a huge white bed, swathed in a comfy snow white waffle duvet. I think it was a luxury, themed hotel in Vancouver. I slipped on cute bunny slippers and drew the blinds. A snowy morning greeted me through the massive wooden windows. I hugged myself in anticipation and stepped out of the-brrrrrrr…. That was not the cold. That was actually my alarm going off, telling me my one minute was up.

Next one minute: after 'Spirituality' had transformed in the most amazing ways ever! I was wearing  a billowy trumpet sleeved white cotton shirt and equally floaty white pants that seemed to skim over me and I was standing on a cliff edge, a feeling of expansiveness pervading me. Breathing was effortless and just being alive was the most exhilarating thing ever!
And one minute was up, like that. I can’t help but think of the irony though: the first visualisation had me doing so many things in one minute but the second visualisation, where I actually did nothing physically was the one that made time fly.

The third minute had me seated with my entire extended family at this authentic bamboo roofed restaurant. I was laughing so hard, holding onto my cousin for help. My sister stood up on request and posed weirdly for a photo with her drink as another cousin on the other side of the table took her picture. My granny was laughing with her daughter and my mom was jumping to her feet to help the poor waiter with his quivering tray. It was a happy and joyous 'Family' reunion.

For 'Career', I was on stage, rehearsing one last time with my crew before the concert began. I was sweaty and dirty and everyone was working on my skills with holdings mic in hand and singing at the same time. I was yelling indignantly that a mic attached to me would be a much better idea and everyone was rolling their eyes openly. The sound system people proceeded to work on a solution while me and my dance crew started goofing about. A shimmy here, Shakey Shakey , WooHoo! say LaLalaLa , down, down, down…. One minute up!

Health was cool too! I was at this party in the woods with this bonfire in the middle and awesome up beat music. People were dancing all around me and I was feeling light and free and giddy with happiness. My body was moving effortlessly to the music and the air was crisp and cool. Friendly smiles and hugs, high fives and silly jokes were yelled over the music. Timer!

Five minutes was up and I didn’t go to the other priority areas. Sometimes you know when enough is enough. I was partly disappointed that it had ended but hugely excited that I would get to go again, tomorrow!
I kind of understand why people get so excited about creative visualisation. It is such a fun way to open yourself to the infinite possibilities around you!
Follow the link below to read about Mike Dooley’s guide for effective visualisation.

Mike Dooley's Guide to Creative Visualisation


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