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Ventures into Love: Day 10

If thoughts become things, then I can think my dream world into life!

This was exactly the thought that was racing through my head like an excited bee, when I first came across The Secret.

And while this realization is absolutely true, I felt like I was missing some part of the puzzle because, I knew that very few people daydreamed as much as I did.

I was literally always lost in my head.
There were fireworks and applause, standing ovations, parties and so much going on in my head. But reality remained a stark contrast And the more I looked at my reality, the more I got lost in my head.
If my thoughts were supposedly the things of my life, why was I where I was, daydreaming instead of living the dream?
 Now though, things makes more sense.
Even though I knew that my release was thoughts becoming things, my trap was also because my thoughts were becoming the things of my life.
Confuse much?

Well, let’s go with a simple example.
I want to receive a particular brand of chocolate granola.( Hey, it’s what popped in my head first. I am so out of breakfast cereal)
Since I have had this revelation that my thoughts become things, I fixate onto this idea that granola be delivered to my doorstep like magic.
I don’t order it online because I know that my thoughts become things and granola is coming to my doorstep.

I don’t buy it elsewhere because I know that my thoughts become things and granola is coming to my doorstep.

I don’t even look at other cereal because I am afraid that the Universe is going to get confused with my order and bring me the wrong thing. And anyways, my thoughts become things and granola is coming to my doorstep.

I wait. And wait. And I visualise a bit, wondering if I did it wrong.

Then I wait a bit more. Until I exclaim in frustration, “ This stuff doesn’t work!!! It’s so bogus!!”
This was exactly what I was doing 4 years ago and the memories kinda crack me up nowadays.
I mean, seriously?
Where do I even start?
Firstly, wanting something with ardour and fire is a clear thought that I don’t have it. Viola! That was exactly the thing that I received!

My not taking any steps forward with this thought is in itself, a form of fuel I am adding to the above thought, for it to manifest in the direction of lack.
( Emotions are powerful fuel for our thoughts in case you hadn’t noticed.)
By not taking any steps in the general direction of granola, I am basically screaming out loud,” I DON’T HAVE WHAT I WANT AND I DON’T TRUST THAT I WILL RECEIVE IT EITHER. SO I AM GOING TO STAY PUT, RIGHT HERE”.
And then, I wonder if the Universe got it wrong. As if there was me here and the Universe out there. As if I was a separate entity from all of creation.
Guess what? That is just going to make me feel more dissociated.
And the waiting and visualising was just more pushing and prodding and struggling and not allowing what wanted to come, come.
Thoughts are powerful. And that means, all of them.
It doesn’t mean that my thought about granola holds power for manifestation, while my thought that I should now wait patiently for the Universe to bring it to me doesn’t have any power.
Every single thought holds immense power.
How fast each thought manifests depends on the emotions backing it.
There is no on – off switch here. All thoughts, in every moment are manifesting in the here and the now.
And what thoughts we think and how we feel about these thoughts depend on our beliefs.
The above scenario with the granola went the way it did( all icky, sticky and sad. No granola? Boohoo..) because of my belief that I had to hold onto what I wanted if I wanted to receive it.
Had my belief been,
The Universe is my Source for Everything. I am always receiving what I am meant to receive. Love is all there is, which means that the perfect situations, scenarios and people are already perfectly in place for me to experience the highest.
Quite a mouthful, eh?
How about this?
I have everything I could ever possibly want, right here in the now.

Today’s activity is all about finding affirmations/ mantras that reflect your beliefs, so that what you want has an easier way towards you.
We choose one or two or as many affirmations for each area of transformation.
Like this:
For Health:
My body is entwined with healing energy that heals me and everyone around me.
My mind and body are harmoniously in love with each other and the world.
I have the body of a supermodel and the metabolism of a dinosaur.
Hey, anything goes! As long as it clicks in here, you can choose that as your affirmation!
For Prosperity and Abundance:
Everything I touch turns to gold.

For Creativity:
I am musically gifted
I live in the realm of creation.

For Love:
I bring hope and transform lives!
I live in harmony with the goodness of life!
I am photogenic!

For Harmony:
Time is one of my best friends!
For Wealth:
I can afford to help anyone I want to!
All good things are being pressed down on me!
I live in a magical world!
All of these beliefs are not a how; They are not to help the Universe out, or letting the Universe know what you want. They are not a 'step' you take in the direction of getting what you want.
They are a means for you to remember that you already have everything you could ever possibly want, in the here and now and that the Universe being you, is always bringing you exactly what you want…

It is a way for you to remember in your day, whenever you start feeling scared, alone, touchy or angry, that there is no Force of Evil that you have to run away from or fight against. There is only Love, eternally and infinitely.

These beliefs will serve as a tool for you to let go of fighting with your innate nature and power; they will help you move from a place of ease, from a place of effortlessness that is your true nature.


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