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Ventures into Love: Day 3

Today has been a stormy day for me, not literally as in the climate, but metaphorically. The past jarring with the present in all its glory, bitterness and nostalgia overlapping and new thoughts and actions being inspired.

And today’s practice has been an eye opener of sorts in many ways and a potent confusion inducer in many ways too.

Today was all about getting specific. It involves getting into the details of said area of transformation.
Yesterday and the day before was all general and easy lightness.
Today is still easy and light, but with more pow wow! There is more colour and excitement and a lot more potential with this practice!

We get to define exactly what gets us excited about transformations in a particular area in life.
We don’t define how the dream will come true. This is very important.
What we do is get into the picture, after that area has transformed in the most exciting ways possible!

We go into the tics, tacs and toes, the fire and the passion or whatever picture, object, feeling, person, scenario that has us on cloud nine!

My 'details' were kind of exhaustive and don’t make much sense in hindsight, but I loved writing them down. There is just so much peace and clarity with clear cut defining actions, is there not?
Without further ado, I present here, my details! Bam Bam Baaaaaaaam!!!

Prosperity and Abundance:

Mugs         Million dollar donations
Books.       A heart full of love and joy
Fireplace.   Sunglasses.   Gucci.    Versace.    Ralph Lauren.   
Wine.     My People.        Miniskirts.
Fishing.     Penthouse apartment.    Leisurely pace.     Shopping in Milan.
Walk in Wardrobe!     
Endless Potential for Excitement!
Energy and Vitality!
Wide brim hats!    Caribbean weekends!          Holiday beach house!
Personal elevator.       Apple.   
Fun, Joyous.

Freedom.     Effortless.    Weightless.  Easy.    Revelations.    Exciting, Magical.     Jade Temple.    Angels.  Intuition.   Spirit Guides.   Language of the Cosmos.   Feng Shui.   Aromatherapy.   Himalayan retreat.   Tibet.    Buddhist Monks.   Laughter.
Gratitude and Appreciation.  Compassion and Kindness.
Understanding and Love.

Ease and Comfort.               
Safety and Warmth.      Support.
Inspirational.    Encouragement. 
Love.   Laughter in heaps. 
 Weekends out.    Bonding over food.
Holidaying across Europe.    Travel.
Being there for each other. 
Games and fun!     Summer vacations.
Family goof ups and reminiscing.      Cooking and Baking together! 
 Going places.

Bliss.    Passion.  Fire.    Ideas.   Soaring heights.   New Adventures.    Brilliant people.   Abundance of help. 
 Love filled atmospheres. 
 Fresh Flowers.   Breakfast meetings.   Fashionable.     Brainstorming.
International travel.    Sophisticated. Excitement for Life.     Design.
 Financial freedom.    Posters.    Albums.     CD covers.    Press meets.  Authentic.   Premieres.
  Red Carpet Moments.
    Hollywood Walk of Fame. 
Vogue Fashion Week.   Ellen.
  TV shows.  Late Late Show. 
Jimmy Fallon.   The Voice. 
#NYT Bestseller.    Lifestyle magazines.
Column writing.   

Green Juice. 
  Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts.
Fresh smoothies.     Yoga. 
Tender Coconut water.   Sunlight.   Pilates.    Zumba.   Dancing.   Splits.   Energy Bars.
  Shiny, Tan and Happy!
Sunlight.    Bikinis.     Feeling light and joyous.     Glistening skin.   Shorts.   Racing.     Biking.     Basketball. 
Tennis.   Post workout euphoria.
Early morning jogs.    Earthy.    Nuts and Berries.    Organic.     Balance. 
Rejevunated and Replenished.
Energetic.    Excited.   Calm.   Clarity.


Fairy lights.   Stone cottage.   Herb garden.    Magical nights. 
Sunday brunch with mom.   Farmer’s market.   Cobblestone streets.
  Jars of nuts and berries.   Diaries and Journals.
  Old Leather Books.   Bookshelves.
Spattered aprons. 
Cookies, apple crumble.
Fresh bread baking in the oven.
Jam and jellies.    Fountains .
Backyards.   Ponds.    Doggy love. 
Lavender.   Oranges.   Scented soap.
Fruit baskets.   Ceramic.   Woodsy.
Seamless flow.   Quiet, calm.

Falling Into the Unknown.   Sequels.   Hardcovers.   Paperback.   Audiobook.
Musically gifted.    Soul Singing.
Dancing into the night.   Music videos.
YouTube hits.    Holistic Healing.
Blog Heaven.     Community.   Vast.
Columns.   Magazines.   Travel writing.
Cultural Enlightenment.   Dress line.
Flagship Stores.    Touring.  Languages.
Magic and Adventures:

Phineas and Ferb.     Golden dust.   Rose petals.    Moonlight.   
Silver leaves.     Night time.
   Seaside breeze. 
Games and laughter.   Road trips.
Fan meets.      Fruit.     International. 
Italian food.   Prague. 
 Bohemian forests.    Belgium.
Iceland.   Northern lights.
  Scuba diving.  Sky diving.
Bungee jumping.   Cruises.
  Long car rides. Windy . Tongue out.
Campfires.    Street shows.   Airports.
African safaris.     Great Barrier reef.
Atlantis.    Seoul.    Tokyo.   Rome.
Colosseum.    Athens.   Olives.
Mediterranean.   Hammocks. 
Hawaii.   Grass skirts.   Hula!



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