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Ventures into Love: Day 7

Today, I realised that I could play detective.. scratch that , I could rock being THE detective of my life!

I consider myself pretty bad at snooping, even to find out the answer to 'You Be The Detective’ sections in magazines.
But this activity hits two birds with one stone!
It reminds you of your only responsibility to create a glorious life for yourself….
And you get to be Sherlock Holmes.
Okay, enough with the advertising. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Your thoughts become the things, right?
And you say the words that are in alignment with your thoughts.
You act in alignment with your thoughts and words.
So, the three things coming from your side of this awesome playfield of reality are your thoughts, words and actions.
Imagine that the Universe is all Love, which it actually is. That there is abundance and healthy and harmony, laughter, friends and magic, being poured down on you; except that this is not reality for many of us, is it? If the Universe is delivering it’s side of the deal perfectly, than why does our reality look the way it looks?
Imagine that there is no line between you and the abundance you dream of. But it sure feels like there is,eh?
The only things that are keeping the love from drowning you are your thoughts, words and actions; these are keeping the flow at bay.
The Universe is great and powerful and awesome, sure. But when it comes to living your life, it is completely powerless. It cannot do that one thing for you. You have to decide whether or not you want anything. You have to make that choice of choosing what you want in the moment.
So, does it not make sense that we would want to choose our thoughts, words and actions with care?
This can be really really easy.
The best way and the most spiritual way to approach any task, is to have fun with it.
I am serious about this. Have fun with everything and you have achieved your highest spiritual purpose in life.
How can this activity be fun?
We have nearly 60,000 thoughts every day, researchers say. It even sounds tedious, having to monitor all those thoughts.
Lucky for us, we get to remember two important things:
1. You are the Source of everything, including those 60000 thoughts.
2. And you being Pure Love can only be that and create that.
Once you remember that this game/ activity does not require you to fight against this counter acting force that is producing all these negativity, you can relax and have fun with this.
Once you remember that there is no force of Evil, that there is no force except You, you realise how easy this can actually get.
Simply make it a practice, every so often in your day, to become aware of your thoughts and feelings.
Become aware of your actions and see what kind of beliefs they reflect.

Keep a core belief to help you with this activity through the days to come because you will often wonder the point of your keen observation of your thoughts, words and actions, especially when you are knee deep in your most limiting thoughts.
I repeat to myself, thoughts become things; I am the source of everything; I am creating my happiness; I am also creating my unhappiness.
This is my core thought these days, the thought that I return to, whenever I wonder why I am observing my thoughts, words and actions.
Once you detect( hah!) a negative thought, word or action and your internal detective radar is beeping like crazy, you can relax because 90% of the actual work is done! What you  get to do next is awesome!
You get to start a new train of thought, this one in line and alignment with your true nature of extraordinary power and awesomeness!

It might be a bit hard to initiate thoughts of such splendor when you have a contrasting pit full of the scariest shadows right next to you.
So try! Remember, thoughts become things! So say to yourself, I can do this. And try to create a new thought. Get help from the massive pool of Love that always exists in your mind, to guide you, support you and create massive fun for you.

There is no particular level of happiness that you must reach so that the Universe can realise that you are trying your best and can tip the abundance into your life.

You are not being judged and your smallest positive thought is 10,000 times more powerful than your negative thought!

The odds are stacked in your favour all the time. So just try.
Remember, there is no line between you and abundance, you and love, you and extraordinaire.
Try and let go. Get help and let go. Trust and let go. Visualise and let go.
Anything you feel like doing, do it and let the Universe help you out with it.

This is a magnificent reality we live in and help create, where Love is all there is and excitement and possibilities are infinite, you are eternal and fun is the end result of everything.

Use this activity to get in touch with the spirit of you, the real you that craves fun and joy, release and exhilaration!
I did well with this activity today. Fears arose, comfort zones were breached and I persevered through it all, having so much fun, feeling a myriad of beautifully varied emotions as the day unfolded.
And each time I detected a thought that didn’t serve me, my ordeal with that thought always ended in a blissful realisation of its powerlessness and my powerfulness.

Today, I am awe inspired by my own awesomeness and I say this, unabashedly because I finally realise how true this is. I don’t have to worry that this is the ego speaking. The truth has finally set me free.
Get in touch with your awesomeness too!


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