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Help The Invisible Children.

Help The Invisible Children.
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Anger and it's tyrrany.

Rational behaviour and anger don’t go well together.
One is a sweater from the winter line and the other is a sunny dress for a hot summer day.
Horrible fashion fiasco.
Today, my mom told me she'd visit. Which meant that I had to wait in the parking lot for her, until she arrived.
This was a sudden plan, something she came up with on the whim and I was understandably excited about this unexpected gift I was going to receive, in the form of time spent with her.
She didn’t turn up. I waited for a long time because she usually does not make sudden plans. Which meant, to me, that she would turn up inevitably.
She has cancelled many times before, but all those times, there always was a doubt in the plan itself and I would never stress myself out as much as I did today; what if I had missed her? What if I left just as she arrived?
And as the time ticked by, questions started changing in tone and flavour.
Why did she even have to make such plans in the first place if she could not keep …