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Ventures Into Love : Day 17

You know that awesome tingly 'I have so got this! Things are going to rock from here on!' feeling that blossoms in your gut when you take up something new, start out on a new journey and the likes?

For example, the first day of a new exercise routine, or the beginning of a new hobby… the beginning of a new job, the first great conversation with a nice person we really like, the start of a new self – help book…
Any beginning by choice and passion is a cause for joy and I think I speak for everyone when I say that.
Have you also noticed how that this feeling is confined to the beginning only, in many scenarios in life?
I'll go with an example from my own life..
Whenever I read an awesome saucy 'self help' book, I feel psyched out and buzz – filled! I write down my dreams and I take the steps happily, genuinely excited about the changes I am helping bring about…
Then comes the second stage… that stage where the previously lovely ideas and wishes and hopes start feeling like desperate needs and wants. The present situation I live in starts to appear gloomy and black. I then start to push and prod; I run around trying this and that, despairing the possibility of staying where I am; I try to fix this, I try that out… finally, I burn out and crash and stop.

And I feel this incredible peace with the present. The dreams look like sour grapes and I give up on them happily.
Until the next cycle begins.

Too often, when we start out on life transformations, we get hooked on to this idea that where we are is less and where we want to go is more. What we are now is not enough and where we want to go will complete us, filling the gaps, blah blah blah…
And when we are told that here and now is where we should be in every moment, we think that we have to settle for less, contain our desires and let go of our dreams.
It’s always black and white with us. We either push and pull, making it happen, doing it now

We stop and hibernate. We go into a slumber, letting the anthill build up around and over us.

And I think I speak for everyone when I say that neither feels good. Which is why most of us oscillate between these two polar states again and again.

What if I say a few things that might sound outrageous but you believe me anyway?
What if where you are right now is exactly where you should be to go where you most want to be? (One of my all time favourite Mike Dooley words..)

What if everything is happening so perfectly for you, that you will inevitably take the right steps, go in the right direction and shimmy at the right time?
What if success was inevitable?
What if every battle lost is a prep step for winning the war?
What if your subconscious never really forgot that there is only one Force and that is of Love?
What if your mind's numerous suggestions are exactly in line with the greatness that is You?
What if the very fact that you are dreaming about what you are dreaming is proof enough that you will receive in the most exciting endlessly abundant ways?
What if the chaos you feel in your life right now is a sign that great awesome perfectly extraordinary change is right around the corner? ( This is very intuitive if you ask me. Think about the last time you cleaned house and you will get what I am talking about)
What if, right now, a million beings in the unseen surround you with love and respect and admiration ?
What if you are already what you dream of being and your challenges and journeys are meant to show you who you already are – perfect, magnificent and a wonder?
Don’t look at your past failures for the answer. Your endless analysis of your failures are never going to give you the real answers that you seek.
Look within, look at your successes, look at all that you have already done…
This is what today’s activity is all about.
Acknowledge all your past achievements and successes. Be grateful for what you have already accomplished.
And within that list of things, sprinkle in a few of your present dreams as if they already exist.
It’s all a grand game, after all.
And when you allow yourself to acknowledge your true power, in the flesh,with proof of all that you have already manifested in your life, your confidence will soar.
You will start seeing your own self in a different light and the transformation you seek will step itself up into an all new level..

So lets play, shall we?
Day 17:
I received the BEST FRIEND I could have ever asked for, full of qualities that are incredibly perfect for me!

I received incredible health, flexibility and vitality in abundance!
I received THE Best Birthday Ever, with all of my heart’s desires having come to pass in the most magical ways possible!

I received Florence Scovell Shinn's Complete Works!
I received financial freedom!

I have received an effortless and blissful way of life!
I received a ukelele that is the most gorgeous thing ever!

I received a place in med school with a single room to stay in, which speaks of extraordinary comfort and freedom!
I have received INCREDIBLE opportunities to travel internationally!

I have received a creatively enriched life!
I have received proximity to my mom and sis, which has showered me abundant support and love, warmth and flow…
I have received extraordinary ideas to write about!

I have received amazing opportunities to dance, sing and write!

I have received the comfort of riding in cars wherever I go!
I have received Tosha Silver’s Outrageous Openness and Change Me Prayers in hardcover!
I have  received jazz shoes!
I have received the opportunity to help Charity Waters!
I have received constant guidance and profound love in every moment.
I have received groundedness, anytime, anywhere...

I have received unbelievable connections to worlds that fail words…


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