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Help The Invisible Children.
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Born to Fly...

Once, there was a girl. She wanted to fly.

Really bad. She looked out of the window everyday, hoping for a miracle. She imagined the air in her face and the wind beneath her feet. She tasted the freedom in the wind and laughed in anticipation. She waited and wished and hoped, for she believed, deep in her heart, that the impossible was just something that hadn’t yet manifested. Which didn’t mean that it wouldn’t.
So she stood on top of hills and tall buildings, assessing heights and measuring winds. She talked about her dream to everyone who would listen for it never ceased to amaze her, how wonderful a dream she had.
She leapt and twirled and jumped as high as she could, before gravity pulled her down. But she never stopped believing. Both words of scorn and wisdom, failed to faze her. She dreamed, undaunted.
Until, one day, she got sick of waiting. She hadn’t sprouted wings nor did she feel suddenly weightless. She didn’t spontaneously rise into the air as she hoped she would. And it was tiring to wait for the change of her life. So, she decided to end the wait.
Her friends got scared for her. They tried to pull her down into reality. They succeeded in their task and the girl forgot her dreams for awhile, convinced that her dreams were the stuff of imagination, wild and stupid, but unreal. She said the same to herself for years and years.
She forgot the hilltops and the tall buildings. She forgot the feel of the wind in her face. Until one day, she got stuck in an elevator with a huge crowd of people, pushing and prodding her. And she decided, that she couldn’t take it anymore. She pushed her way out and into the open. She went to the top most floor of the tallest building she saw and yelled. And yelled and yelled. Out of frustration and pent up anger. Angry with everything and everyone. And with herself, most of all.
And then, she closed her eyes.

 She tried to see it. Her visions of flying and soaring like an eagle. But to her ultimate terror, she couldn’t see it. She just couldn’t.
Breathing hard, she peered over the edge. And smiled. For she knew then, why she had forgotten.
She took a step back. She backed the whole way up. With a deep breath, she ran as fast as the wind, and leapt of the rooftop.


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