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I am freeeeeeeeee!!!!

Okay, so it's been awhile since I posted last. Been busy I guess. Somehow, that line makes my friends burst out into laughter. Apparently, the idea that I could have too many things to do seems to be so funny to them. I felt quite angry at first. But then, I really thought about everything I have going in my life and I realised something truly horrifying: my so called ''busy" times were those times when I was totally obsessed with what to do, what not to do... Basically, I was planning and planning and making plans for planning but I wasn't moving. By the time I had finished planning, I was totally wiped out( understandably, because I make huge 'touch the stars, visit Andromeda and come back in time for lunch' kind of plans).
So yeah.... New resolution in life... Think less, possibly not at all and do more. I pretty much love this idea because it has given me a freedom I have never ever felt before.

A meal is just a meal and not 1/4th of the calorie chart for the day; it's also an amazing meal full of love and magic, revelations and ideas and good warm, fuzzy feelings.
A new day is not a 'use it or lose it' step up the ladder of success; it's just a day and it's also a day with unlimited potential to be the happiest I can be.
A new venture is just a venture among millions to come; it is not a one in a million chance to make great friends, have the best time possible, prove it to myself and everyone else how awesome I can be. It is  time to relax, let go and have fun; to be present more and to realise and revel in the glow of existing friendship and breathe in the wonder of new possible journeys.
In short, life is EASY now and the only slightly disturbing thought is that, it was always like this. I was the only person making it hard. And letting go was definitely the best thing that happened.


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