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Ventures into Love: Day 13

Pretending and make – believe is the quickest way to believing. And believing is the quickest way to having.
Beautifully paradoxical to what this civilization as a whole is stuck onto.
In other words, fun fun fun!
Start right now! Do it now! Go there, be that, now!
These power packed words loss all their pressure when you change their context: Go to the end result now. Be that person you want to be, as best as you can, now. Do what you would do if it were all perfection, now.

Not all the time, of course. Baby steps are essential. The distance in the physical will have to be covered.
This activity however reminds that this assessment and measurement, analysis and interpretation of where you are vs. how far you have to go is not the task for you, the you that perceives through the physical senses and draws conclusions from that.
This you, is incapable of anything but experiencing and allowing.

The movement and distance ( hows) are so not your genre.
By playing make – believe, you open yourself to the infinite possibilities being spread out for you. You open yourself to allow the winds of the Universe’s infinite magic to lift you and twirl you through a myriad of beautiful adventures.

You begin to let go into the flow. You let go of the details and allow them to set themselves into perfection, while you start having fun, right here, right now.

Yeah, you don’t have to wait for that day! You don’t have to stay how you are until the circumstances change!
It’s all so happenin’ in the present, everything working out so perfectly for you, millions of unimaginable forces of love moving with you, for you and through you…

Today, I made a mock calendar filling it with all the elements it would contain, once my areas of transformation have come to pass in the best way possible.
It is a beautiful activity, so so fun to do and quite exciting too, because I got to think of so many possibilities.
I also realised that as a traveler, I should be knowing about so many more places in Europe than Rome, Paris, Berlin, London, Prague, Amsterdam, Dublin, Milan, Venice and Athens.
Gone are the days when I stared wistfully at other people’s ideal lives, their travel stories and adventures..
This activity is already inspiring me to act in new exciting ways!
I am actually looking at a lot more exciting things to do, see and experience than just talking about how I will tour the world when things work out for me… as if everything is falling into place for me,as if I believe in life's magic and things are perfect, which btw, of course they are.
The air smells sweeter, the sun shines brighter, music plays in my head all the time as I start moving with life's impeccable style and taste for fantastica.
For example, September's first week will be spent in Rome with a concert, fan meets, a day for resting and sightseeing and another concert.
Second week, we are going to Seoul! For magazine shoots, meeting friends, fan meets, signing and concerts.
Third week is home time, catching up with family and celebrating my birthday!
15th of August – spa day with my mom!
16th through 18th – Bali for Book release
19th – fly to Singapore for meet with producers..
And so it goes… half the stuff I wrote in my calendar don’t make any sense to me whatsoever, but they excite me endlessly. They give me that fire in my veins, love in my heart and joy all around feel… True, I don’t an a to z for how exactly my life has to change for me to finally get there in life.  But that is the plan!
To get excited about the details but letting the Universe take care of everything. To be open to endless possibilities, knowing undoubtedly that everything is always working out in your favour…
 That’s the magic of aligning with the flow; you start letting go of so many details, that you literally feel lighter and calmer and happier immediately….


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