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Ventures Into Love : Day 15

Ritual. Nice word. Has a nice ring to it. It is one of the many words in the English language that resonate with me.

Ritual. Hmmmm…

You have a ritual, right? I mean, almost everyone has some kind of a ritualistic practice in their life.
My granny, for example, begins every day at 5 in the morning, with a session of rejuvenating yoga and meditation.
My sister ritually, eats 10 times a day.

My mom loves to walk for an hour or two everyday.

A dear friend of mine goes to the temple every single morning, before class.

Rituals are a huge part of human life. They provide a stability, serve as an anchor in the drama of today.
We rely on these ritualistic practices for calm, peace and solidarity.

They give us that 'me' time.
They are beautifully simple and something we turn towards for eternal release into the present.
And that last line was way confusing of a definition for 'ritual'.

Well…Let’s move on, shall we?😅

Having a rhythm in your everyday can be way relaxing. There have been scientific studies and recorded proof that a rhythm to one’s day has a great effect on one’s mental health, but let’s not go there. This is something that we can all deduce from our own lives without any scientific proof.
 Rituals give us that much needed moment of truth, the time to rejuvenate and collect ourselves, that time to resonate with what’s within.

Is it any cause for doubt that rituals are part of this 30 day transformation journey?
Since this transformation process ends in a destination that will blow you mind completely, it is pretty intuitive that we would want to commit to rituals that reflect that transformation.
It could be a ritual that would be something you’d do once you are that person who you dream to be; or it could be something that you love to do. It could be an idea that strikes you as you take this journey.
Whatever the case, today’s activity is to find rituals that add on to this magnificent transformation.

And while you’re at it, just as an added bonus, look at stuff that you already do ritualistically. See if any habits you have are constricting you and hoarding your spirit for life, rather than releasing and energising. If you find something like that, see if you would want to let it go…

Again, this is a fun fun activity. So chill out with this one just like with the rest!
As part of this activity, I have started visualising every single day, in the morning before college! And let me tell you, I am having so much fun with this one! Every single day, the visions are different and it’s almost like watching a mini movie before my day starts- only this movie is so much more awesome than anything screenplay ever written, because this one features me living my brilliant magnificent life!!!

I have also started doing yoga in the morning. Before, I used to do yoga whenever I felt like it, which meant that I would do it once a week or sometimes, once a month. But now, I decided on doing this everyday because it resonates with how I would be after health has transformed in the most exciting ways in my life!

I also carry my journal around nowadays and open it at least once a day. I write everyday or at least, I open a blank document and stare at it. Hey, show up and let go, right?
I also ritually, show up in a new way everyday. I try something new, go someplace fresh or start something strange every single day.

Another fun ritual I started was praying. This one was a real area of blockade for me considering that my childhood comprised of me listening to my dad’s sarcastic views on religion.
Recently however, I have realised that praying and religion don’t go hand in hand. So I light up an incense or my aromatherapy set and I talk to Love( I like to think of that bigger part of me and everything in terms of Love. It resonates better with who I am) for as long as I want. I find it really calming and soothing, especially in times of confusion. Clarity pours down on me and this ritual is so much more fun and way less stressful than going to a temple.�

I write letters to the Divine too which is a practice featured in Tosha Silver’s Outrageous Openness. You write a letter about whatever you want and post it in the God box. I call it The Love Box and I drop in chits of paper from time to time every single day. I even poured orange blossom vaporizer oil into the box so that I get a whiff of its heavenly smell each time I open the box to drop in a worrisome matter or a particularly grateful thought. The scent makes the experience all the more surreal…
Other rituals I have retained and cherished over the past few years are sprinkling my food with magic dust and gratitude before I take a bite, dancing every evening and checking my email for Notes from the Universe, bathing everyday, eating 5 times a day….

What can I say? I so love rituals!!!


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