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Cue The Magic!

One word. Wow.

Until this point, gratitude seemed to be opening doors for me, breaking barriers for me, helping me glide through circumstances in the outside world.

 This practice made me realize that there is no 'outside' world, myself and the Universe. There is One thing and that all these meaningless battles and plans and so-called victories and successes were a sham. The reality is Perfection.

This is a thriving Universe with the centre of Power being Me and You. Everything is effortless, LOVE is THE FORCE behind it all and we get to decide everything.

There was never a 'Me' against 'the world' and I had never gained a new ammunition in the name of gratitude to pave my way through life.

It was a bloody illusion and it took this practice to show me that.

How does it do that???

It instils a new belief. That is all it does. A belief that the Universe is always trying to communicate with me and trying to show me all the things there are to love and to be grateful for.

 I feel that the truth is so much more profound than visualizing a Universe ( even a friendly Universe) outside of myself and watching out for signs from it.

But just this belief breaks down so many other barriers to Freedom which we have instilled into our daily lives. So it is plenty more than enough to start with.

Realising and knowing that the Universe is conspiring on my behalf cancelled out the fear faculty in my head. It instead, lets the good thoughts and feelings take full control with no inhibitions at all. Which was when I finally saw things the way they were meant to be looked at.

I saw the wonder in every morning. The flutter of leaves in the morning breeze. The people in my life who were helping me beyond reason. The love and the laughter. The hints and beginnings of my wished upon life. The glamour and the hotness .

There was so much happening all of a sudden and there was also this startling realisation that it( all this amazing goodness) had always existed for me and this was just the moment I had chosen to finally see. It made me wonder of all that was still hidden to me and that made grateful for the eternity in front of me, to experience it all.

This practice is like a remainder , I guess. Reminding me to remember what I am part of. It reminds me of my power over my life by making me choose what I want to see.

It urges us to take 7 Cues from the Universe as we go on with our day. We then say Thank you for that thing and get on with the day with a slightly altered perspective than what would have been, had it just have been a normal day.

Seeing someone I love acts as a cue for me to be grateful for all the love in my life. Seeing a funny event cues me to be grateful for a beautiful childhood.

Each cue we take is so uniquely designed for us and whatever we feel grateful for because of that cue IS the perfect end to that cue. A single cue is different for each one of us, because only we get to decide what it is a cue for. It is an awesome game and is so much fun , as much as it is a learning experience. The Perfect Game , if you will.


I am grateful for for finger nails because they are super handy to open tight lids, pick up coins off the floor and scratch myself .

I am grateful for hunger and thirst

without which pleasure, admiration, satiation and satisfaction could not feel so glorious!

I am grateful for eyelids to close my eyes because I get to sleep during broad daylight!

I am grateful for having so many interests and passions and for so many open doors in life because my life is always buzzing with excitement and action!

I am grateful for having read about an artist's eyes which sees the extraordinary in everything that forever changed my perspective of life!


I am grateful for words like 'perspective' , 'awesome', 'soulful', and 'revelation' because they bring to me , a feeling of satisfaction and peace when I use them.( plain craziness more likely but still. Totally grateful!)

I am grateful for hair having immortal growth rate because I can experiment any which way with my hair and it keeps replacing itself and I get to have an amazing adventure , purely hair-based all my life!!!( in addition to every other adventure!)

I am grateful for inspiration, motivation and guidance available aplenty because of which every single moment is more magical than the last!

I am grateful for milk powder because fresh milk anytime, anywhere!

I am grateful for sudden announcements of days off and unexpected holidays which add an element of exhilaration into daily life!!!



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