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Magically Transform Your Mistakes Into Blessings

I like perfection.


 Not as in, clean cut lines and spotless floors( okay, maybe I do) but I definitely love it when I am perfectly happy with life. When I see and feel that things are going the way they should be, I feel so joyful. And you know what puts a damper on these amazing moments and feelings in life?


Especially when I make them but other mistakes hurt too. Suddenly, everything appears unfair. Everyone's lives seem peachy except mine and it turns into a full- blown pity fest.

And I think and rethink that exact moment when everything turned bad and wonder and ponder and pick my brains out , thinking of how things would have been so different if I'd just known.

Time is a great healer. Not because you start to forget the so called loss but you start to think about the incident with a broader perspective because the brash emotional lash out that accompanied the memory soon wears out.

Taking a step back, I have seen ( every single time) how the mistake is the exact epitome of life's perfection.

Mistakes are perfect and they are not chance occurences. They serve to enlighten. They wish to be the messenger between the Universe and you. They are beautiful because no mistake is a pitfall to utter and complete failure in this magnificent reality we live in. Success is inevitable and these mistakes are those gentle nudges in the right direction.

Recently I received some good news. Apparently, this person I know was expecting me to call her and tell her all about it. I forgot. I did not even know that I had forgotten until I met her. She made it a point to make life hard for me.

I felt really bad about this and spent hours everyday wishing that I had remembered. I wanted things to be the way they used to be because there seemed to be freedom in those memories.

 It took some time for me to realize that this incident was amazingly right for me. It was perfectly orchestrated to show me what I had begun doing: I had replaced gratitude for that person with dependance. I was depending on her and many others for how I felt. I was taking all their help on previous occasions for granted and I was basing my reaction to them on their present demeanour in my presence. This incident was perfect and brought me back to my senses.

That is what this practice is all about: Discovering that blessing that a mistake was ordained to deliver!

It is super simple. One finds ten blessings in that mistake and writes it down clearly.

You might find one blessing in that mistake or you might end up starting an avalanche of blessings that will bury you in it's sheer awesomeness! You might realize that the mistake was not really a mistake actually or you might encounter another incident that will justify your mistake and take you to greater places!

Whatever be it, you will end up thanking the 'mistake' with all your heart and it will become one of THE blessings in life for you!

Day 26:

I am grateful for getting to talk to so many people and write their stories because they have fascinating lives and each story opens the door to a whole new world!

I am grateful for living the life of my dreams because I feel so much love for all that life offers me!

I am grateful for the close and beautiful bond that I have with my mother because I feel joyous when I am around her and she, is an amazing soulmate to have !

I am grateful for Yoga because the bliss and contentment it brings into my life is outworldly.

I am grateful for so many people in my life ready to have fun at any time because my days are filled with laughter and happiness!

I am grateful for mornings because every morning seems to be filled with great smells - the smell of morning dew, sunlight, soap and incense, hot food- which is the perfect start to every day!

I am grateful for being a people person because I live in a world full of people , each one unique and I get to bask in the abundance of company!

I am grateful for caramel filling in chocolates because ... PURE HEAVEN!

I am grateful for silly rules because they have opened the door to the joyful feeling of breaking rules!

I am grateful for double sided tape because .... Double awesome stickiness!




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