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The Magic Wand

People who wait for a magic wand fail to see that they are the magic wand.

-Thomas Leonard


This quote, featured in the Magic book has got to be one of my favorites!

It is the perfect quote for anyone, no matter what their beliefs or how open minded they are. The perfect blend of realism and idealism, this quote perfectly brings out the idea of today's practice!

This practice actually gives you the power to bring abundance, health, harmony, anything you might wish for, in your loved ones' lives! Gratitude is something of an epitome for "Can this GET any better?" And then BOOM! It DOES get better.

It gives us the power to change our lives, beyond recognition, surpassing our wildest dreams. And with this wealth of glory pouring down upon oneself, it is quite easy for our stream of thoughts to take us to "Desire To See Our Loved Ones Basking In the Same Glory" Land. And guess what? We can! We can own this , so effortlessly!

We can be health healers, wealth bringers, peace makers and what not! While it is impossible to harm others with our thoughts and wishes, it is maddeningly easy to wreak awesomeness in others lives!

The steps involved are perfectly simple and really really easy. No trips to dark countrysides and standing in the moonlight on one foot for the night involved, I can assure you.

 Ahem, anyways, all one has to do is imagine themselves receiving the great news that they wish to hear or imagine seeing their loved one living the life worthy of their greatness! Imagine yourself being there, celebrating, laughing and loving life with your dear one!


Feel the righteousness of the situation and feel glorious about it!

This practice is a sure fire way to not only change lives but to also feel the deepest sense of peace you have ever felt.

I did not really trust this thing to work in the beginning. I was skeptical at first. I was shocked later on. I used this practice for my mom, my grannies, my friends and random people I met.

I felt that my mom deserved more than what she had for a life. I wanted her to have a life filled with all the things and people that would give her the deepest sense of peace and satisfaction. And she did.

She found solace in gratitude. And the best part? She ended up turning me towards gratitude many a times in the past year. I feel like she is on this journey of self-discovery and I can't help but speculate if my works with my wand had anything to do with it.

My friend found confidence, found her purpose in life, found love within and is like'fear who?' nowadays.

My sister( who will kill me if I take credit for any of her achievements) realised, at long last, her wield over her life. She took charge, and she has and is still reaching heights that she had let herself get intimidated by. She is now past those heights and finding castles in the lands above.

And I realised that, wanting and wishing for others has changed me and has unexpectedly opened the doors to worlds I have only dreamed of before. Wishing for goodnes in others ' lives has brought to me, my dreams.

And that, is the best thing in all of creation for me.

Day 25:

I am grateful for those chocolate covered dates with almonds in them that are PERFECTION!

I am grateful for this dry period with total lack of exposure to city lights and actual malls and shop windows because the longer I am away from it all, the more aware I will become, of its incrediblity!

I am grateful for the skies above and the ground beneath my feet, connecting me to all there is and to all that could be!

I am grateful for this poster on my wall bcause it is the representation of my favorite parts of Harry Potter!


I am grateful for loooove and warm hugs, kisses and comfort because they seem to smash down boulders and move mountains , giving me strength and power beyond recognition!

I am grateful for my self proclaimed affinity for seats underneath fans all the time because I am lovin' it!

I am grateful for the sunlight that shines as just one beam early in the morning because it is like nature's own spotlight for me as I embark on the adventure waiting for me that day!

I am grateful for being in a position to help my friends above and beyond the call of duty because I feel so powerful!

I am grateful for my ever so talented cousin because I am getting a custom designed hand made sling bag out of her for free!!!

I am grateful for ideas and thoughts being unlimited and so varied because following them through is so much fun!










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