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Magic Money


Today is MONEY DAY! And no, I am not giving out free money( money...😂😂😂..get it?).It means, I get to travel down memory lane, thanking all the instances that money came to me. Kind of hard to do this without help ( that is a huge load of memories...) but luckily, Rhonda gives you triggers to visit all those dusty nooks and crannies in your head. This practice is kind of cool because most of our lives revolve around money. But we tend to focus on the ' not having enough money ' part and Rhonda tries to show you the 'Whoa! I seem to have received loads of money in the past" parts of life. Even though this practice is about money’s role in my childhood , it always felt like a chance to pleasantly tread down memory lane. How many times do we visit only the pleasant memories of our childhood, just for the feel of it and not for comparing now vs. then?

It is pretty amazing to think that each meal we received in the past cost so much( I still am receiving stuff for free! So this practice weaves together the past with the present for me), each happy moment we received had so many minute parts that made the moment the best it could have been and each part of it could not have been so, without money. 

Wow! Now that,  was confusing.
Maybe my breakfast was not big enough to power my huge brain...heehee. Anyways, I said thank you for the car I got to travel luxuriously in, for the education I received over many years and for the gifts I received,
the bike rides that used to feel like flying,

all the summer vacations that were anticipated over the entire year,
the trips to the movie theaters that made us feel like movie stars ourselves,

all the water and lights and electricity I made use of thoughtlessly, toys that let me live in worlds of my own,

playing tennis and hitting balls with scary fierceness, believing that it was the most important thing I was doing in life,
books, books and more books.
And to think that money was a huge part in giving me the authenticity of each memory, each lesson and every moment. To think that were it not for the money, things would have been wildly different. But the money was there and it gave me the best childhood ever!
Some of the things I said thank you for, however felt weird in the very least. Like the thank you for the education I received over so many years. I mean, when at school, I would have happily exchanged that gift for staying at home all the time.
Holidays? Yippee!!! Rain? More holidays!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!
Considering that most of my childhood was in part, waiting for holidays, a part, enjoying the holidays and most parts, complaining there weren't enough holidays, it was surprising to me, when I genuinely felt grateful that I had received so many years of education.
I guess that sometimes,when you are so busy drowning and struggling with something, you don't see the beauty of it , until you are on shore, outside and away from it all.
But it sure did teach me to stop struggling with the given, to stop trying to change it into something else and to stop regarding with fear, what is unfamiliar because that means we also stop drowning.
When we stop drowning, we start floating. And that is when the magic begins.
You get to see the sun glinting off of the water, a leaf swirling down
and your own reflection in the water. 

And that, quite far off from where I started. Which is why I said that this practice,to me, is not so much about the money as it is about the memories and lessons of the past.
DAY 5:
1. I am grateful for shoes and slippers that protect our soles and make our walk through life beautiful and effortless!

2. I am grateful for white light splitting into 7 colours because it is what that makes rainbows possible!  

3. With all my heart, thank you for restaurants, hotels, drive throughs, cafes and eateries that make eating out a pleasure and a food adventure , glorifying this essential part of life that makes every tomorrow possible!

4. Thank you so much for brooms that swipe the floor clean in effortless strokes! A brilliant piece of work by humans among others!

5.I am so very grateful for the vast expanse of sky we get to live underneath, that is beauty in its purest forms, ranging from steel grey to light bright blue with fluffs of cottony clouds gracing its infinity, hinting at what forever might be like!( courtesies of Notes from the Universe)

6.I am grateful to duffel bags, those works of wonder that seem like a bottomless pit, taking in more and more stuff and then when you think that is all it can hold, lo and behold! There's more space! Truly miraculous, I say!

7.I am thankful for the internet that brings everything and everyone closer than ever, making stuff like meeting people, going places and knowing more about anything and everything effortless and blissful!

8.Thank you for flushes that go whoooosh!!!, cleaning up toilets in one go, making things so easy for us!

9. I am extremely grateful for getting to live in a time period which is obsessed with health and beauty because never has health been recognized as such a great gift!

10.Thank you so much for red brick houses that have this rustic appearance that seems to come straight out of a fairytale , opening eyes and hearts to magic and splendor!


  1. It's true that we never see how much money has played a role in our lives until we look back but seriously, you're like a queen at going off topic. XD. I swear the things you are grateful for seem to get weirder with every blog but good weird.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, that's me... Wierd all the way. But nothing compared to my family😂😂😂


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