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Before Your Very Eyes!

A dream is extraordinary.

It is like this energy drink, this truly amazing "can you believe how awesome this is??!!" kind of thing that packs in almost everything I might want out of a gift!

It is full of Hope. Glorious hope that gets me into the next moment not by force but out of choice!

It is pure excitement; Full of anticipation for a time when just plain old existing is beyond amazing!

It is full of Energy and I mean the kind of energy that has me on my feet, racing forward at reckless speeds!

It is full of beauty and magic, enriching the present !

And this is why, even when I thought that dreams were not practical, I had wilder dreams than before. Simply for the feel that came along with having a dream.

Now I know that all my dreams are inevitable going to become reality, I still hold onto them only for that very same feeling of magic and wonder.

This practice, ' Before Your Very Eyes" appealed to me because it was not a practice that just promised me the way to get to my dreams. No , it was the first practice I tried that actually opened the floodgates to bliss into my present.

The practic is simple: Take out your Top Ten Desires List and go through each one, pretending they have come true and say "Thank you" with as much gratitude as possible.

I thought that pretending my dreams had come true would be hard; I could not have been more wrong. My brain, my mind, my heart and all of me that desired those things my dreams held were more than happy; they were ecstatic to find out that my dreams had indeed come true. They did not need reason and logic as to whether the pictures in my head were real. 'THEY' were just grateful, overwhelmingly grateful for having the pictures and the feelings of all my dreams turning to reality.

Rhonda Byrne recommends taking our Top Ten Desires List with us and doing this practice whenever we receive free time.

This practice has brought to me, many dreams; some of which I had written down, others having been only fleeting wishes.

Every single time these dreams come true, I go into a state of minor shock for some time because even though I knew they were going to come true, the way they suddenly pop into my reality and make themselves at home is a miraculous occurence.

Like the time when all my passions opened up doors to earning money. That was a soft spoken desire that was always at the background; To do what I love and get paid for it inevitably.

When the dream came true, it was so much more that I could not have possibly imagined any of it. ALL of the things I love to do have opened the doors to monetary gains. And believe me when I tell you that I have A LOT of interests.

Day 22:

I am grateful for the Holy Motherload Of Sweets that graced my Diwali holidays because I spent the day in what I hope is Heaven. Because, if it ain't, so long Heaven!

I am grateful for tough challenges and situations because they change me effortlesly, into something greater and better, freeing me from things I never would have realized were holding me down, bringing the day I will fly closer and closer.

I am grateful for the so called circumstances and situations being so formidable even when I know they are just illusions because I get to experience the true magnitude of my power! Ka BOOM!


I am grateful for people who swear funny because them insults become invitations to have a laughter fest! Crapheads and Monkey Poop?

I am grateful for mom being the Watson to Sherlock Holmes even though I am nothing of a Holmes( more of a crazed chimp ) because the support feels so good!

I am grateful for clarity and clear sight because the silence and peace that it leads to is beautiful. Om.

I am grateful for eternity spread before me to experience all of creation.

I am grateful for 4 walls in my room that I can completely fill , with joy and fun!

I am grateful for the feeling of lightness and freedom as I dance with exhilaration because I feel like I am taking flight.

I am grateful for toothpaste because it begins my day with a burst of freshness!


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