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Magic Footsteps

I have always loved fairy tales and those Barbie movies.

The backdrop that was gorgeous at all times, the love and the magical feel these movied and books had to them were so breathtakingly beautiful to me. They still are. I guess, in some way I always believed(or atleast hoped) that this was how life would turn out to be for me.

The part that really caught me and put me into a trance was when the heroine would walk in or walk by. The very ground she laid her feet on would sigh in pleasure and blossom all over.

Trees dipped their branches hoping for the slightest brush and birds tweeted and chirped and sang for her. Whether it was her presence that was magical or the place she happened to be was enchanted, was hard to tell. But the theme of magic and beauty was doubtless.
I never consciously wished for that but it was something I was definitely encaptured by.
This practice, believe it or not, gave me that. Okay, maybe trees did not bend towards me nor did birds fly over to grace my shoulders.( that would have been creepy; trees seeking me?? Brrrrrr....and the birds would have probably pooped on me)


With each step I take, I say "thank you".

 I do this for about ninety seconds or for a hundred steps approximately. The numbers are not important. It is the focus and energy we put into the powerful action of walking and consciously combining it with magical thoughts of gratitude.
With each step I take, I say "thank you". I do this for about ninety seconds or for a hundred steps approximately. The numbers are not important. It is the focus and energy we put into the powerful action of walking and consciously combining it with magical thoughts of gratitude.
This practice actually shows how amazing walking is.

 The movement, the ease , the calm is actually surreal in itself. When we get rid of thought processes and choose a particular thing to focus on, the act becomes even more magical!
Doing this practice while walking to or from anywhere makes those moments beautiful beyond words. Suddenly, for me, those moments when I would move from my bed to the kitchen or from a 'here' to 'there' were something I was looking forward to because dang! This practice made all those so called happy moments I had already received in life, paler by comparison.

But that fairy tale feel I received was when I walked through this pathway that I call my very own 'Fairy tale Magical Glade".

It is a pathway with a magnificent canopy of trees overhead , just the right amount of thickness to cancel out all the heat but sparse enough to let in jets of mild light. On one side, bushes with the greenest leaves adorned the entire path. The other side has a bit of brown for contrast and tall tall trees with majestic branches all around them.

I am blessed enough to get to walk through this path every single day! And the magical footsteps practice hit an all new level of awesomeness when I did it as I breezed through my glade.

I have tried this practice in different places but they always seem to feel the best in those places adorned with the gifts of nature; they seem to bring out the earthy scent of the ground, the sunlight suddenly has a magical scent to it, the sky seems to be telling me something and I fall in love with life!
Day 19:
I am grateful for posters because they are fun, I am grateful for dogs (even though I don't have one) because the very thought of these magnificent beings cheers me up!they remind me of so many things I love and they brighten my room!

I am grateful for getting to live with people like myself who are so like me that makes life so easy and are so different that they make my eyes go POP! with wonder and awe!

I am grateful for books with glossy pages because their sheen feels so good on the eye and my fingers and make the words appear prettier!

I am grateful for butterflies and moths because their occasional flight through and past my sight lend beauty to my life.

I  am grateful for strategically placed muscles that are miraculous in that they are so perfect in location and attachment that their movements synchronise to cause beautifully effortless motion!

I am grateful for the daily emails from the Universe that remind me of the magnificence I am a part of and am helping to create!

I am grateful to the people who own stores because they provide medium for the producer and the consumer (me!) to interact in the best possible environment! And being a consumer rocks!

I am grateful to educational institutions because they have devoted so much of focus on the enlightenment of raw minds and the experiences I've undergone, both academic and non academic have been nourishing in the very least and extraordinary beyond explanations at best!

I am grateful for flasks, those wondrous inventions that keep water hot hot hot for me for so long!


  1. That dose of happiness you spread around here :)

    1. Thank you Ivana! 😊😊😊 If that is what I am actually doing, then I could not be happier about writing this blog!


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